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Dare to begin

Lack of the start-up capital is the main reason that prevents both, men and women, from starting a business and executing their business ideas. Don't leave your ideas in a drawer, come ask for advice first.

Overcome obstacles

Book a free video consultation with a few clicks. Together, we will review your company's wishes and needs and advise you on your further options.

Move forward with confidence

In addition to consulting, we support you and your company in the following phases. For example, through SEB Growth Program or by offering favorable daily banking solutions and loan terms for your sustainable decisions.

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Start for free

For new business customers* we offer:

  • free business client plan for three years: free European payments, debit cards and current accounts without a monthly fee and option to join Baltic Gateway operator channel
  • for merchants up to five POS terminals free for six months and SEB's e-commerce payment solution without a contract fee
  • e-invoice portal for submitting and receiving e-invoices conveniently
  • bank is where you are – you can ask all the important questions via video
  • advice from experienced professionals to support you in finding the best solutions

Enable your company’s daily banking services for a single monthly fee

Free European payments according to the selected package
Unlimited bank accounts
Free payments to SEB bank accounts
Free use of Mastercard Business Debit Cards

Documents and requirements for opening an account

One of the most important prerequisites for opening the current account with us is that your company has a connection with Estonia. The connection can be following:

  • owners of the legal person are residents of Estonia;
  • business activity is connected to Estonia (e.g. production units, clients, or contractual partners situated in Estonia);
  • investments in Estonia (real estate).

We may ask you for additional documentation, information or explanation where this is required (e.g. account statement, documents proving the origin of the funds, information about the group’s structure, beneficiaries etc.) according to local and international laws and regulations as well as to respect “Know your customer principle” before entering or proceeding with business relations.

If you need to open account before registering company, visit Start-up account page.

Other solutions for your everyday business and ways of financing

Service plans

Find the most suitable service plan that represents your needs and saves your business funds - a package costs less than each service separately.

Accepting card payments

Provide your customers possibility to pay by card. Choose card reader terminal which suits your business needs.

Credit card

Increase your possibilities with Mastercard contactless credit card - choose an interest-free credit for up to 45 days.


free online business knowledge platform for your business growth


  • Experience video stories
  • Practical advice
  • Seminars free of charge

Network of growth

A business program for ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their business 10x faster.


  • 4 months of workshops and mentoring sessions
  • 100 days of growth plan development
  • Up to 15 teams participating
  • 0 EUR participation fee

*The offer is valid until 31 December 2023. The offer is valid for all new business clients of SEB who open their first account except for non-resident legal persons and providers of financial or other similar services that require an activity licence and persons related to them. The number of free European payments is according to the selected package. Legal persons registered in Estonia, represented by or with owners or beneficiaries being non-resident individuals, are subject to a handling fee of documents submitted for current account opening in accordance with the price list.