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Second pension pillar

Pension is directly dependent on your income. When you join the II pillar, your employer will transfer 2%, 4% or 6% of your gross salary to your pension account, based on the choice you’ve made. The state adds 4% to this out of the social tax paid on your wages.  

SEB has a suitable pension fund for everyone. 

Third pension pillar

It is a voluntary pension plan that can help you live the life you want after you retire. Income tax will be refunded if the payments into III pillar do not exceed 15% of your annual taxed income or 6,000 euros.  III pension pillar savings can be used at a suitable time and they are heritable. We will help you find a suitable solution.

Why should I save for retirement?

The current pension system means that an average pensioner will receive a pension that is only 40% of their salary before retirement. When saving for the retirement by using the second and third pension pillar, the average pension will be about 60–70% of pre-retirement salary.
Now, we are going to receive less from the state in retirement than previous generations. In addition, life expectancy is increasing, which means that retirement lasts longer and having your own savings is more essential than ever.
Through saving consistently, you can influence how your savings grow over time so that you can plan your pension better.
The sooner you start saving for retirement, the less you need to save every month to reach the same goal.

Do you need advice regarding your pension?

Our professional team will help to find a suitable solution for you. In order to consult an expert, you can register for a video meeting, a phone consultation, or meet at an SEB branch office – whichever suits you best!

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