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Sponsorship and investments in society

We Engage for Future Generations

The uniting thread that links all projects supported by us is the support of future generations. This idea is expressed by our support strategy as well, emphasizing that investment in society is our mission — We Engage for Future Generations.

We choose to support those projects that provide a strong and stable base for the growth of business activity, help to improve living conditions of children and youth, facilitate education and supplement the knowledge of our customers.


The Choice of Supported Projects

Upon evaluation of the projects applying for support, we base our decisions on the unified criteria of SEB:

  • We support those projects that enable active participation for us as sponsors, both by participating in the management of the project and by providing financial support.
  • The projects supported by us strengthen the brand of SEB and conform to our ethical and corporate values, as well as the interests of our customers. They are targeted at the following areas that are significant to society:
    • Sustainable influence on the development of children and youth
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation
    • Education and knowledge

We invite submission of applications for sponsorship projects in writing by sending a description of the project in electronic form or by mail to the Marketing Department of SEB Pank. We evaluate all received projects based on their conformity with the established criteria, as well as in the context of existing projects and depending on available resources.

We send a written reply to the submitter, to the e-mail address indicated by them, within two weeks.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

We wish our customers to be successful in the future as well, but our involvement in the facilitation of business activity has much deeper objectives. By supporting various programmes and projects we help businesses to not only receive funding, but also – which is even more significant – to acquire the knowledge that might help our customers to develop a growing and thriving society in the future.

SEB supports programmes and projects that enable businesses to receive consultative assistance. Therefore we support projects such as Ajujaht that allows start-up entrepreneurs to develop and execute their ideas.

Children and youth

Children are our future. Therefore it is significant for us to provide them with the conditions required for the successful commencement of their independent lives. SEB, as a socially responsible bank, supports various social organizations that are involved in solving socially significant problems.

We support SEB Charity Fund that was established to support children without parental care. The fund collects donations and carries out several projects all-the-year-round to support children staying in substitute homes and shelters, it co-ordinates counselling of foster families and grants scholarships.

More than 120 pupils from across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have joined SEB’s School Ambassador Programme. After training session, pupils will be able to pass on their knowledge of personal finance management, savings, investments, entrepreneurship to theirs peers in schools across the countries.

We also believe that for holistic development we need to promote the younger generation’s physical activity and sports. This is why we support children who play tennis via SEB Tallink Tennis team and the Estonian Tennis Union.

Financial literacy

SEB contributes to education in the broadest meaning of the term.

We actively share our knowledge by providing it, for instance, to young people in the area of financial competence, as well as to our customers — companies and individuals.

In cooperation with Junior Achievement we contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Estonia. We support the student enterprise and mini enterprise programmes in basic schools and upper secondary schools of Estonia.

Sports and culture

We believe that health is an important attribute of a better tomorrow. We also think that challenges such as a marathon not only help to achieve health-related goals, but contribute to the development of a dedicated mindset as well. For this reason we support two large mass sport events, the SEB Tallinn Marathon and the SEB May Run.

SEB Tallinn Marathon is the largest mass sport event in Estonia and we have been contributing to its success since 2004. Every year over 20 000 people take the challenge, making the run the public sporting event with the largest number of participants in the Baltic States.

The annual SEB May Run takes place every spring. It is one of the first public sporting events in spring, and SEB has been the name and main sponsor of the event since 2005.
For a long time, the SEB May Run was known as a women’s only running event; however, in the last few years, there have been many attractions added for children and men. Therefore, the SEB May Run is a fun event for families, work collectives, and groups of friends.

We support cultural awareness by motivating society to re-discover the art of the opera. We have been the gold sponsor of Estonian National Opera since 2003.