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Signing the loan application


Dear customer,

Thank you for submitting an application.
To process your application, we require your signature (and the signature of your co-applicants). You can sign the application in the  Internet Bank or - if you are not a registered user of the SEB Internet Bank – in e-documents portal.

If you are a co-applicant, please make sure that the information regarding you submitted in the application is correct and these consents comply with your actual will. If the information submitted about you is not correct or compliant with your actual will, do not sign the application and contact us.

If it is noted on the application that you consent to the Tax and Customs Board forwarding your income, employment, and taxation data to SEB, we will redirect you to the portal to confirm your consent after signing the application. Granting your consent will simplify the application process and will ensure a faster response.

You can review the general terms and conditions of SEB and the terms and conditions of processing personal data on our website.

If you have any questions, please call us at 665 5100 or send us a letter from the Internet Bank under the menu item ‘Message’ → ‘Send new message’.