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How to complain


We try to give our best to ensure that you are served well and fast in all SEB service channels. Still, sometimes mistakes happen. We would really appreciate any feedback that you could give us on the part of our customer service, products or services. Your findings help to improve our services and solutions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism on account of our service or products, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • via private or business internet bank, by sending us a letter
  • by e-mail to If we are to disclose sensible contract-based information in our response, we shall send you the answer to internet bank or contact you on the phone number available in our database.
  • via customer support line on 665 5100
  • turn to your nearest SEB branch and inform our teller or branch manager about your experience or concern. More detailed information on the opening hours of branches.

Term for complaint proceedings

We aim at solving all client complaints as soon as possible and in a manner to ensure that you receive a proper answer your question. Generally, we solve the complaint promptly or provide you feedback on the same day, however no later than within three working days.

If your complaint is a more complicated one, requiring gathering of data and involving other SEB specialists:

  • we shall contact you in writing or by phone
  • we shall inform you of the reason why we have not answered your complaint
  • we shall inform you on the time when you will be contacted.

We keep you informed of the course of the proceedings until the complaint is settled and a solution/explanation found to your concern.

If the offered solution does not meet your expectations

If you are not happy with our answer of explanation, you may always contact us again and dispute the decision. Your inquiry will be handled by a senior manager. The manager will send you a written answer or contact you by phone. The solution of the senior manager is final.

If you feel that the answer received from a representative of the management is not the one you expected from us, you may turn to the following authorities to obtain assistance and explanations:

  • The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority (at Endla 10a, Tallinn 10142,
  • The Financial Supervision Authority (at Sakala 4, Tallinn, 15030,
  • Furthermore, in order to resolve a dispute you may contact the Consumer Disputes Committee operating at the Consumer Protection Board and Technical Regulatory Authority or turn to court.
  • Insurance-related disputes can also be settled by the insurance conciliation body operating at the Estonian Insurance Association (Mustamäe tee 46, Tallinn 10621,

You can find the self-service for Consumer Disputes Committee at You may examine the rules of procedure of the committee at

A complaint to the Consumer Dispute Committee can be submitted also digitally via Online Dispute Resolution website at

More information on the insurance conciliation body and the rules of procedure for conciliation as well as an application form can be found at