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You can conveniently open a bank account via the SEB app


We have everything for your daily finances We have everything for your daily finances

Everyday banking from wherever you are via our handy mobile app and comprehensive internet bank
Investments that grow with you
Modern and automatic saving tools that make saving easy, seamless and fun
Loans tailored for achieving your goals – mortgage, consumer loan, leasing and credit card

Ways to open an account and become our customer

Via the app 

In just a 15 minute long registration you will gain access to the mobile app possibilities, order a card delivery to your address, open a current account and almost all the Daily plan benefits with a 3 month free trial.

You can become an SEB customer via mobile app, if:

  • You are an adult citizen of Estonia;
  • You are not a politically exposed person;
  • You currently do not have account in SEB and you have not been the customer of SEB previously;
  • You want to start using the services right away.


To access the full banking services, such as loans or credit cards, you need to apply for a video meeting or branch visit, to sign the full agreement.  

Steps for becoming a customer in the app 

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During a video meeting

Choose suitable time for video call, in which you will gain full access to the internet bank, SEB app and all banking services, including loans, savings, cards and payments.

The fastest and most suitable way, if:

  • You are an Estonian resident with ID-card of the Republic of Estonia or mobile ID or qualified Smart-ID;
  • you wish to open a business customer account; you can open an account for a private and business customer during the same video meeting.

An account to a minor can be opened by the legal representative (parent or guardian) in a bank branch or via video.

Steps for remote registration


In the branch

Schedule a meeting in the closest branch to you and receive the full range of SEB possibilities.

Suitable, if:

  • You do not have an Estonian ID-card, Mobile-ID or qualified Smart-ID and you are unable to sign documents digitally;
  • You are a non-resident.

Steps for in person registration 

Book a meeting

Documents and requirements for opening a bank account

One of the most important prerequisites for opening a current account is the person’s connection to Estonia. Above all, this connection is:

  • living, studying, or working in Estonia
  • the person’s loved ones, i.e. their spouse, children, or parents, living in Estonia.

Persons originating from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland must present a valid Estonian residence permit or right of residence to the bank.

In order to identify the person, they or their representative must present an identity document.

For the first meeting, please, take with yourself:

  • documents that prove private person connection to Estonia (i.e  valid permit for living, working or studying in Estonia or living close relatives in Estonia);
  • representative's identity document – ID-card or passport.

We kindly ask you to send the documents related to succession, guardianship, and professional clients to prior to the meeting.

The bank may take up to 10 working days to make the decision regarding the initiation of a customer relationship and we may ask the client for supplementary documents in accordance with the Know Your Customer principle. This might include a bank statement from another existing bank.

Know Your Customer
Price list of services

Get more for less with our service plans – bundle of all the necessary daily banking services

Lower, single monthly subscription fee, that you can change or  cancel anytime.

Bank card without a monthly fee
Transfers via internet bank, mobile app and automatic payments across Europe (SEPA)
Handy mobile app and internet bank for everyday finance management
Unlimited current bank accounts for different purposes

Special offerings for the first steps 

Children (until 17)

  • Free account and bank card without monthly fees
  • Modern mobile app with free payments and money request functionality 
  • Not mandatory for guardians to be SEB customers, but it’s handy as child’s account can be overviewed
  • Sending cards both via regular mail and to parcel machines is free of charge

Youth (18-25)

  • Youth plan is free of charge until the end of the year if you join before August 31st, regular monthly fee is 0.32 euros
  • Handy app for all your needs, such as instant payments, accounts, seamless savings and first steps into investing
  • For owners of the Youth Plan, sending cards both via regular mail and to parcel machines is free of charge

Account for your company

  • Full scope banking for already established companies – from financing and to salary accounts to e-commerce solutions
  • Startup service plan free for a year, as well as special offers from our partners
  • Especially easy and fast business account opening via video meeting for SEB private customers

Trusted daily financial partner to more than 400 thousand personalities in Estonia and 1,7 million customers across the Baltics. Here’s what they say:

"simple, logical, transparent, functional"

"I'm happy with the bank, that`s why I advise, I've been in this bank for a very long time, I'm not going to change the bank"

"the cooperation so far has generally been very smooth and understanding."

We are here for all your financial goals and needs

From new phone to new home

Simple investments and seamless savings

Insurance for peace of your mind

  • Your home, car or your belongings are insured, so nothing can leave you without them
  • Health and travel insurance to protect you from unexpected medical bills
  • Life insurance to take care of the ones you love and to benefit the tax exemptions

Online support is available any way you prefer

With a smartphone the bank is always within your reach

  • Introducing a new way to invest – Robo-Advisor
  • Payments to phone number and money requests
  • Saving money in the mobile app – Digital Coin Jar
  • Possibility to use for mobile contactless payments for Android users

Mobile app screenshots