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Open a business account

Video meeting with a bank expert is the most convenient way to open your company´s account wherever you are. Video meetings take place on workdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. upon prior registration. Fill in the registration form and we will contact you to agree on a suitable time


Video meeting enables you to:

  • open a bank account for your company
  • sign agreements
  • ask about our services and products
  • ask for assistance in founding the company in the e-Business register

What do you need to open your business account via video?

  • To have your business registered in the Business Register
  • To be a person authorized to sign on behalf of the company and permitted to represent the company alone (e.g. member of the board)
  • To have an ID-card of the Republic of Estonia, Mobile ID or Smart-ID

If for some reason you can not apply for a video meeting, you are welcome to book a meeting at a branch

You will need the following for a video meeting:

  • ID-card of the Republic of Estonia, mobile ID or qualified Smart-ID;
  • Web camera and microphone;
  • Web browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari;
  • Supported devices: Computers with latest versions of Microsoft or Mac OS devices Tablets / smartphones with latest versions of Android and iOS devices;
  • Microsoft Teams application download to mobile is must have smartphones/tablets;
  • To use Microsoft Teams in mobile/tablet, please download the application. iOS Android

Account opening via video meeting is available for Estonian residents.

Banking over video calls has made my life very easy. I needed to open an account for my company, but my car was being repaired and there was no convenient transport to a bank branch available. I was sceptical at first, but everything went smoothly. It took me very little time to open the account.

Gert Karu
Board Member of Digiprofit OÜ


In the case of innovation, it is being first that matters. I am very happy about the modernisation of the banking processes of SEB, as it saves the customer's time and money. Furthermore, banking via a video broadcast can also be used outside of Estonia. I was actually away from Estonia during my video meeting, but I was still able to conclude my urgent contracts and take care of my banking. Keep it up, SEB!

Board Member of Velillo OÜ


The video solution was quick, convenient, and pleasant. I was able to open an account for my company between two meetings, at a time and in a place convenient for me. I saved at least a few hours and quite a few euros – there was no need for transport, there is no queue for the video bank, and I also saved the money that I would have spent on fuel.

Representative of D-Red Estonia OÜ