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Value your employees by
insuring their lives


What is the value of insuring the employee’s life?

Life insurance is the universal cover – it provides a payout in case of death due to any cause, no matter if it‘s due to illness or an accident.

Taking care of financial security of employees family

Additional motivation for employees

Better image of the employer

Risk insurance according to Your needs:

  • personal insurance cover package
  • insurance period
  • flexible insurance payments timescale

Risk insurance example

- 35-year-old employee
- Health is in good condition
- Works in office

Total insured employees: 10 
Insurance period: 5 years

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Life insurance 10 000 euros
Monthly premium 3 euros per person

Optional covers:
Disability as a result of an accident 20 000 euros
Death as a result of an accident 20 000 euros
Monthly premium 3 euros


Do you want to insure your employees?

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Conclude the agreement


  • Valuable insurance advice
  • Personal offers
  • Video calls

What should I do in case of an insurance event?

  • Fill in the notice form for the insured event
  • Submit the required documents
  • Receive an insurance benefit

The insurer is SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE Estonian Branch. Before concluding a contract, please read the terms and conditions at and, if necessary, register for a consultation.