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Cards that support your business daily routine


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Safe contactless payments
Pay with your Android phone or other NFC device
Manage your cards in the mobile app or Internet Bank
Apply remotely and receive your card by post in a few days

Choose the card that supports your needs

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Contactless debit card Mastercard Business

  • Monthly fee 2 Eur or for free when using business client plan
  • Reliable at merchants
  • Convenient at ATMs
  • Payments up to 50 EUR without entering PIN


Contactless credit card image

Contactless credit card Mastercard Business

  • Monthly fee 3 Eur
  • Up to 45 days interest free credit
  • Possibility to transfer credit limit and use your own funds


Make it truly yours with your own design

  • Make your card distinctive and presentable
  • Can be applied to debit and credit cards
  • It is still the same card with all the other features

Contactless payments are proved to be safe

  • Enable or disable contactless payments at any time in the mobile app
  • Create digital version of your Mastercard business card and pay by phone or your other NFC device
  • Without entering PIN, you can pay up to 50 EUR for one purchase and this limit can’t be changed. You can change the limit within 5-50 EUR in the Internet Bank
  • If you enter a wrong PIN three times consecutively when making a purchase, the card will be automatically blocked for security reasons. You can unblock the card at SEB bank‘s ATMs by entering correct PIN

In case you lost your card

  • Disable your card in the mobile app or Internet bank, or call us at +372 665 5100
  • In case you still can’t find your card, you can order a new one in the Internet Bank for business
  • If you need to make some urgent payments with your card, consider creating a temporary card

Have a question about cards?

  • We will help you to find the right solution
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals you can trust
  • 90 % of customers’ requests  get feedback in less than 2 hours

Manage your card in the app

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