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Apartment building renovation loan

  • Construction and renovation works for longer home life expectancy
  • Energy efficient living spaces for lower utility bills
  • Increasing property value  
Loan term

depends on the financed project

Starting from

10 000


Starting from



Apartment building renovation loan calculator

Energy efficiency calculator

Calculator is available on the desktop version of SEB homepage.

Simple to apply

Send us
the filled

We will 
contact you 
with proposal or 
additional questions

a positive decision,
sign the agreement

Process of loan application

To request an indicative offer, write us or send a message via internet bank menu "Contact" → "Letter to bank".

Please answer to the following questions in your message.

  1. Has the apartment association carried out any renovation work in the past two years? Which work and how much did it cost?
  2. What kind of work does the apartment association want to finance with the loan? Do you know the cost of the work, the amount of self-financing, and the loan period?
  3. General information about the apartment association (number of apartments, size of living space, repair fund, etc.).
  4. Is it also planned to change the amount of the payments to the repair fund in connection with the loan taken for the performance of works and what will the planned payment be?
  5. Does the apartment association currently have any other loans?
  6. Does the apartment association have debtors who have been late with payments for more than 30 days and how has the association dealt with them?

NB! The indicative offer is not binding. In order to receive a more detailed offer, please submit a loan application on the website of SEB or in the Internet Bank together with the renovation project documentation.

  1. If necessary, order an energy audit or a report assessing the technical condition of the building.
  2. Ask for quotes to find a builder and the person exercising owner supervision.
  3. Discuss loan terms with our client executive and ask for a sample offer.
  4. Organise a general meeting on carrying out renovation work and applying for a bank loan.
  5. If necessary, order a construction project and apply for a building notice.
  6. Submit a loan application to the bank together with additional documentation.
  7. We will make you a personal loan offer (if necessary, we will ask for additional information and documents).
  8. Conclude the loan agreement and the contract for services (with the construction company and the person exercising owner supervision). NB! In addition to the price, ask about the experience, background, financial capacity, and warranty conditions of the contactor.
  9. Conclude an insurance agreement for the apartment building.
  10. We will sign a loan agreement with you*.

* Loan disbursements take place after self-financing on the basis of construction invoices and the instruments of delivery and receipt for the work; prepayment invoices are generally not financed by the bank. A current account with SEB Bank is required for concluding the agreement.

It is possible to apply for a guarantee from EIS as collateral for the loan. The bank organises the application for the guarantee. Our customer executive can give advice on the need for a loan guarantee from EIS after reviewing the documents submitted by you.

  1. Completed loan application in the Internet Bank or on the website of SEB.
  2. Current account statement (if the apartment association uses another bank).
  3. Minutes of the general meeting of the apartment association on taking a loan in accordance with the template of the bank (DOC), in addition to the registration form and credentials of the participating members, and the agreements of the co-owners on representation.
  4. Extract from the land register of apartment owners.
  5. Report for the previous financial year (in addition to the cash flow statement for the last six months when applying for a guarantee from EIS).
  6. Management plan (XLS) which reflects the payments of the loan, the repair fund payments, self-financing, as well as the cost of the planned construction works and the loan amount.
  7. Report on apartment owners who have been late with payments for more than 30 days.
  8. Evidence/invoices from major service providers showing the apartment association does not have any debts.
  9. If necessary, a report on the inspection of the technical condition of the building, an expert examination, or an energy audit.
  10. At least two comparable offer for the renovation work.
  11. Where applicable, a building notice or permit.
  12. In the case of energy-saving work, the existing energy label and the calculated new energy label.
  13. The decision of EIS to issue a guarantee (if the loan is applied for with guarantee from EIS).

List of the main steps (PDF)

Green microloan for purchase of solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems and for electric car charging stations

To support sustainable business decisions, we have special offer for purchase of solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems and electric car charging station.

One bank for all necessary services 

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  • free European payments, debit cards
  • current accounts without a monthly fee 
  • option to join Baltic Gateway operator channel without fee

Open an account via video meeting

Bank is where you are- you can open an account as well as ask all the important questions about the loan and other bank services.

E-invoice solutions for convenient payment collection

E-invoice portal for issuing or receiving e-invoices between different channels 

Forwarding e-invoices enable your clients to receive an electronically prepared invoice via their SEB Internet bank

Insurance services by PZU Kindlustus*

In cooperation with insurance partner PZU Kindlustus, we aim to find the best insurance solution for your apartment building.

Price list

Legal entity

1. Investment loan
- agreement conclusion 1% of the loan amount, min. EUR 200
- agreement amendment 1% of the remaining loan /limit, min EUR 200
2. Working capital loan
- agreement conclusion 1% of the loan amount, min. EUR 200
- agreement amendment 1% of the remaining loan /limit, min EUR 200
3. Overdraft
- agreement conclusion 1% of the loan amount, min. EUR 200
- agreement amendment 1% of the remaining loan /limit, min EUR 200
- increasing the loan amount/limit 1% additional loan amount/limit, min EUR 200
4. Start-up loan
- agreement conclusion 1,5% of the loan amount
- agreement amendment 1% of the remaining loan /limit, min EUR 200
5. Apartment building renovation loan
- agreement conclusion 1% of the loan amount, min. EUR 200
- agreement amendment 1% of the remaining loan /limit, min EUR 200
6. Other loan-related services
- contractual penalty for the violation of any other non-monetary obligation stipulated in the loan agreement up to 5% of the loan amount outstanding at the moment of violation
- re-registration of a pledge established on a building into a mortgage free of charge
- reminder of debt free of charge
- debt claim letter EUR 5


  • Collateral is the apartment association’s claims against its members in terms of paying management fees.
  • The EIS surety, if necessary.

Additional terms

  • Loan repayment from the payments of the apartment owners for facility management


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