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Vehicle and construction machinery insurance


Vehicle and construction machinery insurance

Company cars and car fleets

Lorries, busses, motorcycles and other vehicles

Construction machinery and equipment insurance

In cooperation with insurance partner PZU Kindlustus

  • Special terms are offered to SEB’s clients to enter into insurance contracts
  • You can pay your annual property insurance premium with the leasing payment or as a separate payment as a lump sum or in up to twelve instalments
  • You do not have to submit documents to prove you have entered into or extended an insurance contract, as PZU Kindlustus will submit them to us on your behalf
  • You will be contacted when the insurance contract expires so you can agree on the new insurance terms and conditions

Motor third party liability insurance and Casco

  • All-risk insured events include accidents, vandalism and theft.
  • Casco and Casco+ insurance includes PZU roadside assistance service.
  • Motor third party liability insurance insures the liability of the possessor of the insured vehicle for damage caused to a third party with the vehicle.

Company vehicle comprehensive motor insurance

  • Insure lorries, buses, trailers, motorcycles and ATVs 
  • The insurable value is the market price of the vehicle in Estonia 
  • The sum insured does not decrease with indemnities paid out

Construction machinery and equipment insurance

  • Covers vehicles and machines that are used for construction work, agriculture and forestry
  • Covers various cases including the object of insurance participating in road traffic or is being transported

Lihtsad sammud lepingu sõlmimiseks

Tutvuge enne pakkumise küsimist ja enne lepingu sõlmimist kaskokindlustuse ja liikluskindlustuse kindlustusteenuse teabedokumentidega, mis annavad ülevaate kindlustusteenusest ja selle tingimustes sätestatud piirangutest ja välistusest, ning kindlustuslepingute üldtingimustega ja kaskokindlustuse tingimustega. Liikluskindlustus reguleerib liikluskindlustuse seadus. Vajaduse korral pidage nõu asjatundjaga SEB klienditoe numbril 665 5100.

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Need advice on insurance?

  • If you have questions about conclusion of a new agreement
    Call SEB Customer Support +372 665 5100
  • If you have questions about your existing insurance
    Call PZU Customer Support +372 622 4545

In case of loss PZU insurance support is here for you 24/7

Call PZU customer support +372 622 4545

Kindlustusteenust osutab PZU Kindlustus

PZU on AB “Lietuvos draudimas” Eesti filiaali kaubamärk Eestis. AB “Lietuvos draudimas” on Leedu kahjukindlustusselts, mis kuulub rahvusvahelisse PZU kontserni. AS SEB Pank ja AS SEB Liising tegutsevad AB “Lietuvos draudimas” Eesti filiaali kindlustusagendina ja on kantud Finantsinspektsiooni veebilehel avalikustatud kindlustusvahendajate nimekirja. Nimekirja leiate aadressilt

Other insurance solutions

Commercial property insurance

  • Buildings, stores and other assets belonging to the company
  • Equipment, other inventory and commodities
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Liability insurance

Insurance for your employees

Why is there value in employee life insurance?

  • Taking care of financial security of employees family
  • Additional motivation of employees
  • Better image of the employer