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Contactless credit card
Mastercard Business


It checks all the boxes

Your free-of-charge credit can support you at challenging times or use it for everyday payments such as fuel, taxi, office, supplies or business dinners.
You can link several credit cards to a one business account – order them for employees and individually adjust limits and allowed transactions
You can easily switch between using credit limit or own funds with same card.
Effective several credit cards management - order them for employees and individually adjust limits and allowed transactions

Up to 45 days interest free credit

  • Pay for the goods and services in Estonia as well as abroad, including e-shops. When paying in foreign countries, you don’t have to worry about exchanging currency – the bank will perform all necessary conversions automatically.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs in Estonia as well as abroad. A fee is applied for cash withdrawal.
  • View transactions information and card balance in ATMs.
  • Use your indispensable companion when travelling if you want to book a hotel room or rent a car.

Digital wallets – pay with SEB card in your smart device

  • Android users can enable the SEB mobile app’s functionality for payments with phone at stores and other points of sale
  • Apple users can use Apple Pay on supported devices for secure and fast payments in stores, apps and online
  • Garmin and Fitbit users can add cards to smartwatches for contactless payments in stores
  • Any type of activated Mastercard payment card can be added to Digital wallets

In case you lost your card

  • Block the card by using the mobile app, Internet Bank, or report this immediately by calling us at +372 665 5100 
  • In case you still can’t find your card, a new one can be ordered in  Internet Bank for business
  • Within one week, we will produce and issue a new card and provide you a new PIN code. A defined fee is applied for new card issuance according to the price list

Frequently asked questions

  • With a new contactless card, the first transaction shall be made at an ATM or POS terminal at the merchant as usual – the card must be entered into the terminal and transaction confirmed with a PIN. After the first chip transaction, the contactless function is activated and it is possible to make contactless payments.
  • You can activate (and deactivate) the contactless function of a credit card in Internet Bank and at a branch.

Contactless payments in SEB are secure and correspond to the required standard. Further security is ensured by the contractual purchase limits and various restrictions, which you can apply depending on your consumption habits.

You can design a personalised bank card only as a customer of SEB. Pick a suitable image for the card from our created designs or from among your own favourite pictures.

  • The image files may be either in JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG format, with maximum file size 10MB and size of the image at least 1036x664 pixels.

If you ordered your card to be delivered to one of our branches, then it can be picked up after four business days in Tallinn and ten days outside Tallinn.
In case your card is delivered to you by post, then it takes approximately 7 business days.

The card is valid for three years. Upon expiry, we will issue  you a new card in advance automatically and inform you about the methods of delivery.

You can assign the credit card daily and monthly user limits in Internet Bank for business or in branch and change them according to your needs.

  • Daily cash withdrawal limit is the amount, which can be withdrawn from an ATM in one day. Maximum daily cash limit is 3500 EUR.
  • Daily limit for purchases and payments is the amount, within which it is possible to make card payments  in a day. Maximum daily limit for purchases and payments is 20,000 EUR.
  • Monthly limit is the amount, within which it is possible to use the card for payments and withdrawal of cash from ATMs  in one month. Assigning a monthly limit is not obligatory. It is possible to connect several cards to single credit limit and set separate limit for each card to control your employees spending?   
  • Increasing the credit limit will need additional credit decision to be made by the bank.

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