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Third-pillar funds


Your pension can grow sufficiently with the right fund

You can save in a third-pillar fund by making regular contributions or just transferring money when possible. The savings are managed by fund managers who invest in financial markets to increase the value of the accumulated pension amount.

SEB supports investing responsibly. When saving into the third pension pillar, you are investing in environmentally friendly and sustainable companies.
A pension estimate and the best overview are available in the Internet Bank
Your pension can be reviewed via a video call
An opportunity to switch pension pillar funds without paying income tax

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Age: 18-64
SEB III Pillar Pension Fund 18+

  • The saving period is longer than 10 years
  • A high risk fund with equities up to 110%
  • A fund manager actively monitors the fund and seeks the best opportunities in the market
  • Wider investment universe includes also local and alternative investments
  • The fund follows the SEB sustainability strategy
  • The goal is to outperform passively managed index funds with similar characteristics. Both short and medium term returns could deviate due to different investment strategies

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Age: 18-64
SEB Climate Future Pension Fund Index

  • The saving period is longer than 10 years
  • A high risk fund with equities up to 100%
  • A fund manager does not manage market risks
  • Follows and replicates the performance of global listed equity markets
  • The fund follows a climate focused sustainability strategy
  • The goal is to follow the investment return of global financial markets with no possibility of outperformance


Age: 65+
SEB III Pillar Pension Fund 65+

  • You are planning to withdraw your III pillar as funded pension or to withdraw your III pillar as a one-time disbursement during the next 3 years
  • Low risk
  • The fund invests mainly into bonds and deposits, so moderate fluctuations in the value of the fund's assets may occur.
  • Investments in equity instruments are allowed, but the portfolio's total risk will not exceed the fund's risk profile.

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Why should I save for retirement?

The current pension system means that an ordinary pensioner will receive a pension that is only 40% of their salary before the retirement. By saving into the second and third pillars, you can expect to receive 60–70% of your pre-retirement income.
Now, we are going to receive less from the state in retirement than previous generations. In addition, life expectancy is increasing, which means that retirement lasts longer and having your own savings is more essential than ever.
Through being proactive, you can influence how your savings grow over time so you can plan your pension better.
The sooner you start to save for the retirement, the less you need to save every month.

Receive 20% tax refund from your annual contributions

Pension disbursements

The funds accumulated in the third pension pillar can be withdrawn at any time by redeeming all or the desired amount of pension fund units.
Income tax is applied to the entire disbursement amount, the tax rate is dependent on the age and length of the investment period.

  1. upon the expiry or termination of a fixed-term agreement

  2. upon the termination or during the term of an agreement with an unspecified term

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Price list

1. Selection application
- submitting an application at a bank office or SEB Internet Bank EUR 1.60
2. Application for switching fund units  
- submitting an application for switching fund units at a bank office or SEB Internet Bank EUR 3.20
3. Disbursement application
- submission of a voluntary pension fund payout  application at a bank office or SEB Internet Bank EUR 3.20
- submission of an application for opening a supplementary fund pension in SEB Internet Bank EUR 3.20
4.  Succession application
- resale of inherited fund units EUR 6.40
- transfer of inherited units to inheritor’s security account EUR 6.40
- resale of inherited units with insurance agreement EUR 6.40