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Disbursements from the third pension pillar




Disbursements from the third pension pillar can be made based on an insurance agreement

  • upon the expiry or termination of a fixed-term agreement,
  • upon the termination of or during the term of an agreement with an unspecified term.

Disbursements from voluntary pension funds can be made at any time by redeeming all or the desired amount of pension fund units.
You can withdraw the money saved based on the insurance agreement and in the fund as
a lifelong pension.

SEB Lifelong Pension


On the basis of the SEB Lifelong Pension agreement, you will be made disbursements in the amount previously agreed upon until the end of your life. Lifelong disbursements from the third pillar as monthly and quarterly pensions are exempt from income tax after you turn 55 years old.

You can select the following special conditions with lifelong pension disbursements:

  • a guarantee period that ensures disbursements to your successors during an agreed period after your death;
  • the deferral of disbursements, which allows deferring the beginning of disbursements for up to 12 months after signing an agreement.

In the case of the death of the insured person during the guarantee period, the insurance agreement expires, pension disbursements are stopped, and the beneficiary (beneficiaries) is paid the contractual pension disbursements as a lump sum.
Terms and conditions of the SEB Lifelong Pension

The SEB Lifelong Pension is aimed at people who

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  • wish to have their pension disbursements exempted from income tax;
  • wish to have a certain income for the rest of their life.

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