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Men is crossing the street with luggage.

Wide insurance coverage
ensures security


All risk insurance

including against traffic accidents, natural disasters, fires, theft, vandalism, stealing, and robbery

No deductible

in case of collision with a wild animal or bird


PZU roadside assistance in Europe

In cooperation with PZU Kindlustus, we will help you find the best insurance solution

  • PZU’s comprehensive insurance is intended for customers of SEB who want a wide range of protection and a high-quality insurance solution for their cars and vans
  • When concluding or extending an insurance agreement, it is not necessary to submit supporting documents – PZU Kindlustus will forward them to us on your behalf.
  • The comprehensive insurance payment for the property acquired under a leasing agreement can be paid together with the leasing payment or separately directly to PZU Kindlustus at a payment frequency suitable for you in one, two, four, or twelve instalments.
Before asking for a quote and concluding an insurance agreement, please read the information documents of the PZU comprehensive insurance and motor third party liability insurance and the general terms and conditions of PZU insurance agreements and the terms and conditions of comprehensive insurance. Motor third party liability insurance is regulated by the Motor Insurance Act. If necessary, consult a specialist at 665 5100.

The existence of motor third party liability insurance is mandatory for participation in traffic

  • A motor third party liability insurance agreement can be concluded for a term of up to one year as an automatically renewable or non-automatically renewable agreement
  • In the case of an automatically renewed motor third party liability insurance agreement, the vehicle is always insured and there is no need to worry about the end of the agreement period. Before the end of the validity period, a new policy with an annual insurance period will be sent to the policyholder
  • The non-automatically renewed motor third party liability insurance agreement expires at the end of the annual insurance period and a new motor third party liability insurance agreement must be concluded to obtain motor third party liability insurance
  • Motor third party liability insurance provides insurance coverage in the countries of the European Economic Area and other green card countries
  • Green cards issued by insurers in Estonia will no longer be valid in Russia and Belarus from 1 June 2023

Choose the appropriate comprehensive motor insurance

Kasko Premium

  • All-risk insurance
  • 24-hour PZU roadside assistance in Europe
  • New value insurance (vehicle up to one year old)
  • Lease value insurance (vehicle up to seven years old, indemnity limit up to 50,000 euros)
  • Leasing payment insurance – in case of incapacity for work, lease payments are reimbursed (for private individuals)
  • Deductible in the case of hitting an animal or bird is 0 euros
  • Optional deductible when replacing window glass
  • Compensation of vehicle keys
  • One set of stored tires and wheels up to 5,000 euros
  • Carry-cots, roof rails, and roof boxes installed in the vehicle or attached to the vehicle are insured to the extent of the sum insured
  • Bicycles attached to the vehicle are insured against the risk of an accident and a traffic accident to the extent of the sum insured for accessories

The following additional covers can be selected in the Kasko Premium package for an additional payment:

  • replacement car (up to 30 days)
  • accident insurance for passengers
  • trailer insurance
  • luggage insurance

Kasko Premium Pluss

in addition to the Kasko Premium package:

  • Technical failure insurance (vehicle up to eight years old, mileage limit 160,000 km)
  • Replacement car (up to 30 days)
  • No deductible when replacing window glass
  • Travel interruption insurance
  • Accident insurance for passengers
  • Pet insurance
  • Repair of a non-warranty vehicle at a car dealership
  • + 10% additional indemnity in case of total destruction (except for new value insurance)
  • Rental car insurance (for private individuals)

Additional protections for additional payment:

  • luggage insurance

Compare plans

The terms and conditions are valid for quotes issued and contracts entered into as of 28.04.2023. You can see the conditions applicable to the comprehensive insurance contract concluded before 28.04.2023 in the issued policy. The terms and conditions can be found on the PZU website.

Easy steps to sign a contract

1. Enter the Internet Bank

2. Read the offer, the information document, and the insurance terms and conditions

3. Confirm the suitable offer and sign an agreement

What to do if a loss event has occurred?

Report damage to PZU self-service

  • First and foremost, always ensure the safety of people. If a person has been injured in the incident, notify the alarm centre immediately and follow their instructions.
  • Report the damage on the PZU website

Contact details

If you have any questions about concluding a new insurance contract,
call SEB customer support at  +372 665 5100

If you have any questions about an existing insurance contract,
call PZU customer support at +372 622 4545