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Robo-Advisor – Investing should always be this simple


Start investing right now, just using SEB mobile app. Anytime, anywhere.

Fast set-up. Takes only 15 minutes from idea to an investment recommendation

You can start investing from 1 euro

No professional financial knowledge is needed

What is Robo-Advisor?

  • You can become an investor with Robo-Advisor in only 15 min.
  • Invest with as little as 1 euro.
  • No previous investment experience is needed.
  • Robo-Advisor is an automated solution which helps everyone to start investing. Robo-Advisor can be found in SEB app, in the Investing submenu on the bottom of the page.
  • All the activity only happens in the mobile application.
  • 0 euro for purchasing and selling the investments.
  • You will be charged a monthly fee depending on service (fund administration fee or portfolio management fee). Instrument ongoing fee is included in instrument prices and you pay it indirectly.
  • Robo-Advisor provides recommendations for suitable investment, and you can set up the investment immediately.
  • Solutions offered in Robo-Advisor take into account the aspect of sustainability.

During the Robo-Advisor session, you must choose from either investment solution. Here is the explanation of what the differences are.

Criteria Advice on funds ETF portfolio
Minimal Investment amount 1 EUR 50 EUR
Conclusion of agreement Free of charge Free of charge
Purchase and sales transaction Free of charge Free of charge
Total expenses 1,19%-1,64% per year. Depends on what Fund you will buy. 0,70%-0,77% per year. Depends on what ETFs are in your portfolio.
EXAMPLE For example, per every 100 Eur you invest, the annual costs and charges would be around 1,19-1,64 EUR For example, per every 100 Eur you invest, the annual costs and charges would be around 0,70-0,77 EUR

Frequently asked questions

SEB Robo-Advisor is an automated investment solution, where we advise you where to invest according to the answers you give. Also the solution helps you to easily set up investments, where we will do all the needed to make this investment happen.

Investment accounts that use Robo-Advisor usually cost less than traditional advisors, and they often do not set a minimum account balance. SEB Robo-Advisor offers you personalized investments to fulfill your investing goals.

Everyone who is over 18 years old and would like to start investing, but do not know where to start. Through the solution you can start investing with it.

Solution is available only for private customers.

Once the ETF portfolio is set up, you can convininently take actions in the “Investments” section of SEB mobile app. Select your ETF portfolio and press “More” to invest additional funds, withdraw your investments, adjust the regular investment, update investor data, or terminate the service.

Yes, you can open multiple Robo-Advisor at the same time so if you have different investment goals then this would work perfectly for You.

In the case of ETF portfolio, you need to submit termination request via Mobile app. It can be done easily in the section “Investments” opening on screen your securities account and clicking on More/Terminate the service.

In the case of SEB funds, you need to sell your holdings and to terminate the fund standing order. Both actions can be done via internet bank. In case a particular securities account must be closed, please submit closure request via Internet bank. It can be done only when all securities are sold.

In case you have used investment account for these investments and received money you will continue to invest - you are not yet obliged to declare income and pay tax. Please note that if you use an investment account for making investments, the tax must be paid only when the amount of money withdrawn from the investment account exceeds the amount paid into it. In case you have used simple cash account for these investments and you have earned a profit from this investment - a capital gain tax needs to be paid.  

Download the SEB mobile app to try Robo-Advisor