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Mobile app

Download the SEB Eesti app and enjoy all the necessary daily banking services right at your fingertips. The app is free of charge and available wherever and whenever you need it.


Features and possibilities for your daily finance management

  • Clear overview dashboard of account balances and payment history.
  • Receive and make transfers to your friends and family members in your phonebook by using only the recipient's phone number, as well as smart payment form, templates and money request functionality.
  • Make interactive savings goals and work towards reaching them with smart savings tools, such as the Digital coin jar and standing orders.
  • Venture into the world of investments easily with the help of Robo-Advisor. Follow the performance of your investments in the investment portfolio dashboard.
  • Manage your bank cards – activate new cards, change their settings and quickly block them, if necessary.
  • View your loans, including the next payment date and amount.
  • Interactive map for finding the nearest branches and ATMs.
  • Create a digital version of your card and make contactless payments with an Android phone.

If you encounter a need that can’t be resolved in the mobile app, press on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and select internet bank. A new browser window will open, directing you to the login page of the internet bank. Connect to it by using the usual means for logging into the internet bank.

Enhancing your user experience: we are renewing our mobile app

  • The design of the mobile app will be updated.
  • The mobile app will become the default means of authentication.
  • SEB Wallet will be disabled. Other popular digital wallet services, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay, will remain available.
  • Outdated iOS and Android versions will no longer be supported. To use our app, users will require iOS 15 (for iPhones) or Android 8 or newer.
  • All other features of the app will remain the same.

Our mobile app will be updated in March. Once your app has been updated, you do not need to download the SEB app again – we will automatically log you out of the mobile app and ask you to sign in again by creating new PINs for the app.

Authentication tools

Your funds in the mobile app are always secure and ready for transactions. Unique authorisation codes provided by various authentication tools and means, such as Smart-ID, code calculator, SEB app and biometrics ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access your account or confirm online payments.

More about authentication tools 

Technical requirements

  • Android 8.0 with Google Chrome mobile browser
  • iOS 15.0 with Google Chrome or Safari mobile browser

Latest features

Introducing a new way to invest - Robo-Advisor

Get personalized investment offer in the mobile app 24/7.

  • Fast set-up. From idea to investment recommendation only 15 minutes.
  • Invest with as little as 1 euro.

The information contained herein should in no event be interpreted as investment advice, investment recommendation or any other investment or ancillary service. Before concluding an agreement and making an investment decision, carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement and information about other important information, as well as risks and management and application fees. General information about investing and funds is available on our website Should you require more information, please contact our client advisers. Learn more at

Payments to phone number and money requests

Seamlessly make and receive payments to and from people in your contact list by linking your SEB account number to your phone number.

While your SEB account is not linked, available contacts will not be shown and you will not appear as able to receive instant payments for others who have you in their contact list.

Payment setup guide

FAQ about the payments to phone number

Saving money in the mobile app – standing payment order to a savings deposit

Up to five saving goals can be set in the mobile application. A motivating photo, and keyword can be added to each goal and automatic standing payments can be set up for a savings deposit to create a savings habit. With the calculator, you can calculate the amount and frequency of fixed payments required to reach your goal.

Setup guide for standing orders

FAQ about savings in the app

Your investment portfolio is now viable in mobile app

Now you can also view all your investments in the mobile app's new "Investments" tab.

All your savings deposits are moved from main screen and are viewable more conveniently in one place together with your savings goals – under the "Savings" tab.

Digital Coin Jar is now also in the mobile app

  • Money accumulates when paying with a debit card
  • You can sign the contract via mobile app or Internet bank
  • Coin Jar is free for everyone

Digital Coin Jar enables those, who so far have not found a way to save, to start doing it now. At the end of each day, the Digital Coin Jar rounds up your debit card payments to the next full euro and transfers the difference between the rounded and paid sum by next morning from your current account to the savings deposit. This way saving will become easier than ever before.

Digital wallets

Create a digital version of your SEB card in smart devices for quick, easy and secure payments. 

Starting to use the app

  • Download “SEB Eesti” mobile app, which is available in the „App Store“ or „Google Play“ stores on your smartphone.
  • Connect using the data for accessing your internet bank
  • Choose a EUR denominated account, which will be used as a primary account in the app
  • Enter your mobile phone number, which will be linked to the selected account
  • Enter the confirmation code, which you will receive to the specified phone number
  • Create a PIN for the future use of the app