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Internet bank

Manage your funds and banking services in a secure online environment


Constantly putting our best effort to improving our services to make them convenient, easy to use, and accessible to everyone, we are now beginning the process of renewing our internet bank.  

More modern in design, easier to use, and supplemented with additional functionalities – this is the updated internet bank that we are aiming for. 

Updated internet bank


What have we changed?

  • New login page, common for both private and business customers
  • New main page for private customers with a set of useful information at a glance
  • Menu supplemented with a search bar and moved to the left side of the page, for easier and faster navigation. You can also collapse the menu, giving you more space to perform the needed tasks
  • Easy language switch accessible in the footer
  • Virtual advisor to help you with any urgent questions
  • Dark theme switch in the footer
  • Improved accessibility, so everyone, including the disabled, can use our services

Frequently asked questions

  1. Make sure that you start at our official web page by typing on address line and move to internet bank via the webpage. Do not use search engines, such as Google or Yahoo!, as these might offer you fraudulent pages.
  2. Check if the internet bank address starts with “” and Also, it would be good to review and confirm that the certificate is issued to AS SEB Pank.
  3. After opening the webpage, carefully inspect whether its design and functionalities are correct. When the webpage is cloned by the fraudsters, functionality, as well as the visual part may not be complete and correct. Therefore, please pay attention to the following aspects: 
  • Homepage or login page look – are the visuals correct and you can open different texts and tabs, meaning that the functionalities work without malfunction?
  • Authentication means – are all of them available? E. g., on our internet bank page, you can choose from all available authentication means, whereas in fraudulent pages, you might miss some of them
  • Language change – does it work correctly? When you change the language on a fraudulent page, it might not change or be switched to a different one

Yes, it is safe to use the virtual advisor on internet bank. The solution is already being used on our website, and has proven its worth. Virtual advisor will help you find answers to your questions.

The moon or the sun symbol is a switch for changing the theme of the internet bank to dark or light. Your theme selection will be remembered, until you delete the page cookies.

There are two ways to change the language that you want to operate in: First, in the upper right corner of the login page. The second way is to log in to the internet bank, and then to switch the language at the bottom left side of the page, near the moon symbol.

When concluding an internet bank agreement, the bank sets a transaction limit of 1,500 euros per day and 3,000 euros per month for each account included in the agreement. If you wish, you can change the limits immediately after concluding the agreement at a bank branch or later in the internet bank yourself.

Internet bank transaction limits can be viewed and changed in internet bank section “Transactions” → “Current accounts“. Increases in the limits within the standard limits (8,000 euros per day and 10,000 euros per month) or reductions in any amount will take effect automatically once they are approved.

If you need higher limits, you can submit an application in the same section, but before the change takes effect, the bank employee will review the application. The employee will inform you of the decision to change the limits (or the need to provide additional documents) within 3 working days. If the application is urgent, please contact us. As soon as the application is approved, we will send you an SMS.

If the need for higher limits is temporary, you can set a time period (up to 60 days) for higher limits, upon which your transfer limits will be reduced back to the previous limits.

If you became a customer via the mobile application, non-standard transfer limits apply to you – up to 4,000 euros a day and 10,000 euros a month for online payments and up to 5,000 euros for card payments. If you want to ensure full access to internet bank services, please make an appointment for a video meeting or visit a bank branch.

Signing the internet bank agreement provides you the full range of our services 

  • Transfer money, use and create payment templates, as well as take advantage of automated standing orders and e-invoices.
  • View your account balance, statements and manage accounts.
  • Manage your cards – order and activate new cards, view PIN codes and change cards settings.
  • Start investing and making savings with our innovative solutions, such as the Digital Coin Jar and Robo-Advisor.
  • Apply for a loan, leasing, credit card or simply book a video meeting to discover how our services can benefit you.
  • Create a safety net for you and your family with a variety of our insurance services. 
  • Log in and authenticate in websites of various third-party service providers and state departments. 
  • Change transaction limits and amend current agreements. 

Software and browser requirements

Our internet bank supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

To ensure full functionality, we recommend you always use the latest versions of software. Please update your browser and operating system version as soon as the update is released. The same conditions apply for using our webpage and mobile application.

Login tools and electronic signatures

While using our internet bank, your funds and data are secure because of the multi-tier data protection system, which prevents unauthorised persons from accessing your account. Your internet bank can only be accessed by using unique authorisation codes provided by various authentication tools – Smart-ID, ID card, mobile ID or other.

Prices and conditions

1. SEB Internet Bank for Private Individuals
sign-up free of charge
2. SEB Internet Bank for Business
sign-up free of charge
agreement amendment
by a bank employee(1) EUR 10
by an administrator at the Internet Bank free of charge
monthly fee free of charge
automatic inquiry from commercial register EUR 2.24
monthly fee for non-resident legal entities registered outside European Economic Area EUR 10
3. SEB mobile app
sign-up free of charge
payment commission fee of the respective payment in an electronic channel
4. Other mobile services  
information inquiries (as per operator’s price list)
Telia EUR 0.38
Elisa EUR 0.26
TELE2 EUR 0.26
5. Express notification
agreement conclusion, amendment, termination free of charge
notification by SMS message EUR 0.20 per message
notification by e-mail free of charge
6. Standing payment order
agreement conclusion, amendment free of charge
agreement cancellation free of charge
payment commission fee of the respective payment in an electronic channel
7. Adding predefined payments free of charge
8. E-invoice with automated standing order
agreement conclusion, amendment, termination free of charge
internal payment EUR 0.08
European ordinary payment (2) EUR 0.19
9. Forwarding of e-invoices (3)
agreement conclusion EUR 60
agreement amendment EUR 20
agreement monthly maintenance fee EUR 7
monthly fee of the agreement, incl. the use of e-invoice forwarding programme EUR 12
fee for forwarding e-invoices (per every e-invoice sent) EUR 0.15
template designed at company's request implementation/ amendment EUR 200
10. Digital coin jar
agreement conclusion free of charge
monthly maintenance fee free of charge
payment to savings deposit free of charge
11. Bank link
subscription min EUR 65
transaction fee 1% of transaction value, min EUR 0.13, max EUR 3.20 per transaction
for Financial intermediation companies EUR 1.28
amendment of agreement EUR 15
authentication (3)
subscription EUR 65
amendment of agreement EUR 15
authentication fee EUR 0,08 per transaction, min. EUR 20 per month
12. Payment card servicing in a company
subscription free of charge
transaction processing fee as per contract
preparation and installation of POS Terminal as agreed with the client free of charge
preparation and installation of the POS Terminal the latest by the next banking day EUR 75
monthly fee of Terminal as agreed with the bank
13. Host to host banking interface
direct connection
agreement conclusion EUR 65
monthly fee min. EUR 50
14. Trading Station
subscription free of charge
15. Additional services
issue of a security device
PIN calculator EUR 15
ID card reader with keyboard EUR 17
replacement of PIN calculator EUR 8
first issuance of Smart-ID at a bank office free of charge
subsequent issuance of Smart-ID at a bank office (4), (5) EUR 5
16. Management of foreign accounts via SEB Estonia’s Internet Bank for Business
Baltic Online (foreign accounts in SEB Baltic banks)
- subscription to the service (6) EUR 15
- only the SEB Latvia or SEB Lithuania account(s) have been included in the client´s Internet Bank EUR 10 per month
- both, the SEB Latvia and SEB Lithuania accounts have been included in the client´s Internet Bank EUR 15 per month
- contract amendments EUR 10
17. SEB Baltic Gateway  
Direct channel
- sign-up fee EUR 50
- monthly fees for services
- account statements (except current day intraday) and/or POS reports EUR 10
- account intraday reports (real-time account information) EUR 25
- payment initiation and/or e-invoice forwarding EUR 25
Operator channel
Package 1 – account statements (except intraday),POS reports and payments initiation
- sign-up fee free of charge
- monthly fee (7) EUR 5
Package 2 – account statements, account intraday reports, POS reports, payment initiation and e-invoices forwarding
- sign-up fee EUR 25
- monthly fee EUR 25
Fees for operator
- sign-up fee EUR 50
- monthly fee as agreed with the bank
18. E-invoice portal
Package Basic
- sign-up fee free of charge
- monthly fee free of charge
- sending an e-invoice to e- invoice portal* users and public bodies free of charge
- sending an e-invoice to SEB Internet Bank** (3) EUR 0.24
- sign-up fee free of charge
- monthly fee (3) EUR 7
- sending an e-invoice to e- invoice portal* users and public bodies free of charge
- sending an e-invoice to the internet application of any credit institution within the possibilities of the e-invoice portal (3) EUR 0.24

(1) Only those changes to the agreement which are made by an employee of the bank but can be made by a person with administrator rights at the Internet Bank for Business are subject to a fee.
(2) E-invoices with automated standing order are effected only in euros.
(3) VAT as per Value Added Tax Act will be added to the price.
(4) Except for minors.
(5) Price includes VAT as per Value Added Tax Act.
(6) Cost per one company and one state to be joined.
(7) Monthly fee is not applied to clients with SEB Plans.

* E-invoice portal means the software offered by AS SEB Pank within the meaning of the e-invoice portal agreement and the environment provided by Fitek AS.
** Under the Basic package, e-invoices can be forwarded to SEB Internet Bank for Private Individuals and SEB Internet Bank for Business.

Financial scam traps: how to protect yourself?

If you want to see what a scam victim looks like, look around. Various people suffer from malicious cyberspace – students, unemployed, businessmen, retirees, and higher education teachers. Scam techniques are becoming more elaborated, scammers are evolving, so we have to take an interest and protect ourselves.