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Home insurance


Get your home insured and feel at ease

Insurance is provided by PZU

Risk management in the event of unexpected, sudden or unforeseen events

24h PZU Home Assistance service

Insurance cover for property inside a home for the policyholder and his/her family members worldwide

In cooperation with insurance partner PZU Kindlustus*

We offer insurance solutions, which help in managing all vehicle-related risks. PZU comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is designed for SEB clients, who seek better protection for their passenger cars and vans and need a high-quality insurance solution. The insurance offer includes an offer for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance (unless the age of the vehicle exceeds 20 years) and an offer for motor third party liability insurance.

PZU Kindlustus is the recognised insurance partner of the Estonian Vehicle Dealers and Services Association.

Home insurance will protect in various cases


Apply for home insurance

  • In addition to the usual insurance cover (e.g. fire, water accident, burglary, vandalism, storm), we also offer comprehensive insurance and cover for the rent of temporary housing, flood damage and liability insurance.
  • The contract can be taken out for 3 years: smaller payment in case of longer period.
  • Damages are indemnified within the reinstatement value and depreciation is not considered¹.
  • Household property is insured on a “new-for-old” basis considering the limits specified in the terms and conditions of home insurance.
  • Property carried along with the policyholder and family members is covered also outside the home².
  • Insurance cover is valid throughout the world.
  • Loss or theft of a bankcard in Estonia is insured together with household property.
  • Windows and locks are replaced without deductible.
  • Liability insurance is valid throughout Estonia, not just in the place of insurance.
  • The built-in furniture, integrated kitchen appliances and the facilities, the public utility lines and smaller buildings of up to 20 square meters in size belonging to the building, are insured along with the building, the basement cubicle or storage room of the apartment along with the apartment.
  • Rent of temporary housing within 6,000 euros.

Bundle with extra covers for more protection

  • Flood - the damages caused by natural flood, extraordinary rise in water level and melting of snow are indemnified.
  • Household property - your property is insured against unexpected, sudden and unforeseeable damage, including burglary. The coverage includes also the property carried on the policyholder and their family members both in Estonia as well as abroad.
  • Liability insurance is helpful, if the policyholder and/or their family members incur an obligation to compensate for the damage caused to the neighbours and other third parties.

What to do in case of insured event. Essentials.

  • Immediately inform relevant authorities (the police, the fire and rescue service or the manager of the house) about the event.
  • Call PZU Insurance at (+372) 622 4545.
  • Never start repair without the consent of insurer.

Simple and easy steps to proceed

Review the home insurance service document and terms and conditions

Request the home insurance offer

Accept the offer in your internet bank