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Security for your home and home property

Risk mitigation in case of unexpected events

24/7 PZU Home Assistance service

Home property insurance worldwide

In cooperation with PZU Insurance, we will help you find the best insurance solution

  • Risk mitigation in case of unexpected events
  • 24-hour PZU Home Assistance service
  • Insurance cover for electrical or mechanical failures for home property and integrated kitchen appliances that are up to four years old
  • Home property insurance coverage for policyholders and family members worldwide

Before asking for an insurance quote and concluding an insurance agreement, read the information document of the home insurance service, which provides an overview of the insurance service, the terms and conditions of home insurance, the general terms and conditions of PZU’s insurance agreements, and restrictions and exclusions on the payment of damages.

If necessary, consult a specialist at 665 5100.

Home insurance gives you and your family security

  • With PZU’s home insurance, the building or apartment is insured against unexpected and sudden damage (e.g. fire, water accident, burglary, vandalism, storm, total risk insurance). The exclusions specified in the terms and conditions of home insurance must be taken into account
  • The agreement can be concluded for up to three years. With a three-year agreement, the monthly payment is cheaper
  • With home property, the old item will be replaced with a new one, subject to restrictions on home insurance
  • Property with the policyholder or their family member is insured worldwide
  • Liability insurance protection is valid everywhere in Estonia
  • Built-in furniture and integrated kitchen appliances, facilities attached to the building, communication lines, small buildings of up to 20 m2, and a basement box or storeroom attached to the apartment are also insured
  • Damage is compensated at replacement value without depreciation
  • The insurance also covers the rent for temporary housing in the amount of 6,000 euros

Deductible is not applied:

  • in the event of a fire- or storm-related insured event if the insured building has been destroyed to the extent of more than 50%
  • for glass surfaces or locks broken during a burglary
  • in liability insurance to cover the costs of legal aid
  • in the case of an insurance cover for the rent of temporary housing

Conclude a home insurance  in the Internet Bank

Increase security with additional protection

  • Liability insurance protection helps if the policyholder and/or a member of their family has a legal obligation to indemnify neighbours or other third parties
  • In the case of protection against rainwater penetrating the structures, compensation is provided for damage caused by water that has penetrated the structures of the building
  • Flood protection compensates for damage caused by natural floods, exceptional water levels, and snowmelt
  • In the case of damage caused by a tenant, compensation is provided for damage to the interior fittings or to household effects caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the tenant or a person living with the tenant
  • In the case of the additional cover for smart devices, the damage is covered with a lower deductible (€100) and up to three insured events per year of the period of insurance

Easy steps to sign an agreement

Enter the Internet Bank

Read the offer, home insurance information document, and the insurance terms and conditions

Confirm the suitable offer and sign an agreement

  • First and foremost, always ensure the safety of people. If a person has been injured in the incident, notify the alarm centre immediately and follow their instructions
  • If you need the Home Assistance service, please contact PZU’s 24-hour customer support +372 622 4545


If you have questions about concluding a new insurance agreement
call SEB’s Customer Support +372 665 5100

If you have questions about an existing insurance agreement
call PZU’s Customer Support +372 622 4545

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is a Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. AS SEB Pank and AS SEB Liising act as the insurance agents of the Estonian branch of AB "Lietuvos draudimas" and have been entered into the list of insurance intermediaries published on the website of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. The list is available at

An insurance agent receives an agency fee for brokering insurance, which is included in the insurance premium. The commission paid by PZU Kindlustus to the agent is 26.7% of the premium for home insurance.