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Multiple ways to save and not to spend


Multiple ways to save and not to spend

New! Your Digital Coin Jar now collects extra money for you at 1.8% per year!

Save cents by cents from every purchase you make.
Make regular payments to your savings account and access funds whenever you need.
Keep your money safe in the savings deposit.
Track your savings progress in the mobile app.

Save your money for a certain period of time

  • A traditional and safe way of saving
  • You may deposit funds for a term of 1 month to 3 years
  • It is not possible to make additional contributions or withdrawals during the deposit period
  • The option to extend your deposit automatically

Flexible option for saving your spare money

  • You can make contributions to the savings account whenever you choose
  • The term of the deposit is not fixed
  • The number of payments and withdrawals of is not limited
  • It is possible to set up automatic transfers from your current account
  • The first payment is not mandatory

Simple way to start saving in the mobile app

  • With Digital Coin Jar we round up your purchase sums and you save the difference
  • Add standing orders to reach your goal faster
  • The service is free
  • You can access your savings at any time

Save for your child’s future

  • Capital for your child’s university education or any other important purpose
  • Investment risks can be diversified through funds that invest in different asset classes
  • Contributions and withdraws can be made in any amount at any time
  • Possibility to choose accident insurance covers for your child

We will help you prepare for retirement

  • It is a voluntary pension plan that can help you live the life you want after you retire
  • Receive 20% tax relief on contributions made to the savings

Grow your savings by investing

  • Start investing from just 1 euro with our Robo-Advisor
  • Choose the risk level that is comfortable for you
  • Get advice that suits more to you and your needs