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Save for your children’s
dreams and future plans


To ensure a better future for your children, save in SEB

Want to get a driving license, study abroad, or buy your own home? Your financial support can make a big difference for your children when they have to start living on their own.

An easy and common way to invest and save money to ensure a good starting platform for your children.

The service provider is SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.

More than 8,000 parents save for children. The average sum is 47 euros a month
Parents start saving for their child when the child is about 5 years old.
The average saving period is 14 years.
30% of parents take advantage of the flexibility of the service and make additional contributions.

Fast and easy steps to calculate

Calculate how much you need to save for your child’s future

Set monthly deposit or goal

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SEB Growth Portfolio Junior

A flexible way to raise capital for your child by investing money in various investment funds.
Contributions can be made at a time and in an amount that suits you. For monthly payments, you can choose a standing payment order or an invoice standing payment.
Other people can also make contributions for the child – for example, grandparents and godparents.
Insurance covers can be added. Should something bad happen to the policyholder, the insurer will continue to make the agreed payments in accordance with the latest valid investment structure. Accident insurance offers compensation in the event of a temporary or permanent injury to a child.

Investing in funds – a modern and widespread way of saving money

  • With Growth Portfolio Junior, you can save money for your child by investing in various investment funds. Investments are managed and monitored by the policyholder.
  • Investing in funds means large price fluctuations. However, the higher the risk, the higher the profit expectation.
  • You can monitor the savings via the SEB Internet Bank and make changes if necessary. For example, change the funds in which existing assets are invested, the fund of new contributions, and the level of risk allowed.
  • We help you find a suitable solution in accordance with the needs and possibilities.

Ensure a good future for your child now

  • Please leave your contact details and an expert will call you to explain how to start saving for your child.

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Ensure a sufficient income in retirement

  • Plan for your future and start making decisions for a better tomorrow
  • Monitor and manage your investments to maximize your savings
  • The state supports long-term saving with tax incentives

Life insurance solutions

  • Financial security in case of losing the breadwinner of the family
  • Makes sure loan obligations are not inherited
  • Covers rehabilitation and other medical expenses
  • Makes up for lost income during the period of incapacity for work

Important information

In no case should the above information be construed as investment advice, investment recommendation, or an offer of a product or service. Nor may the information and views expressed herein be construed as an offer or recommendation to enter into a contract. There are risks and opportunities associated with investing that can result in both losses and profits. The preservation of the value of the invested amount is not guaranteed.