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Start saving
for your pension today


It is worth investing in your future

The current pension system means that an ordinary pensioner receives a pension of only 40% of their pre-retirement salary. Life expectancy is increasing, which means that retirement is getting longer and people’s own savings are becoming increasingly important. The earlier you start collecting, the less money you have to set aside each month.
The service provider and manager is SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE

Long-term saving with a wide range of funds
Flexible contributions – the possibility to change the amount of the contribution throughout the term of the contract
Control over your savings. You can decide how to use the money saved
20% income tax refund on your contributions

Pension savings planner

The planner gives you a personal pension forecast and helps you plan how much you should save each month to get the pension you want.

Receive 20% tax refund from your annual contributions

Why should I use the SEB Growth Portfolio for Pension?

Contributions can be made at any time and in an amount that suits you. The minimum payment is 30 euros per month.
Your savings are invested in investment funds with the opportunity to earn higher returns, depending on the fund’s performance and risk tolerance.
The income tax refund can be reinvested to increase profits.
You decide when and how to use your deposit. The deposit is inheritable.

Investing in funds – a widespread way of saving money

  • The Growth Portfolio for Pension allows you to decide on the distribution of your pension assets. This means that you can save for your pension by investing in funds in accordance with your risk tolerance and return expectations.
  • You can compile your own investment portfolio or invest money in one fund.
  • During the term of the contract, you can invest from one fund to another without paying income tax.
  • Through SEB Internet Bank, you can regularly monitor your savings and make changes if necessary.
  • We help to choose a suitable solution in accordance with the needs and possibilities of both a professional and a beginner.

Pension disbursements

The funds accumulated in the third pension pillar can be withdrawn at any time by redeeming all or the desired amount of pension fund units.
Income tax is applied to the entire disbursement amount, the tax rate is dependent on the age and length of the investment period.

  1. upon the expiry or termination of a fixed-term agreement

  2. upon the termination or during the term of an agreement with an unspecified term

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