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Increase your asset’s value by acknowledging risks

Investment funds

Perfect solution for investments

  • If you wish to increase the value of your moneyin the long-term and acknowledge the associated investment risks.
  • If you have enough time until you need the money.
  • If you want to leave everyday investment decisions to the specialists.
  • If you want to invest through pension investment account.

Besides funds with global reach and funds combining different asset classes, you can also place your money into funds that invest into certain geographical region, asset class, or economic sector.

  • Strategy funds

    Strategy funds

    Strategy funds may be suitable for both new and experienced investors. These are primarily designed for investor who expects a rate of return to be above the rate of return on bank deposits and is aware that achieving this requires a higher risk tolerance.

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  • Equity funds

    Equity funds

    Equity funds invest primarily in the equities of various companies. Equity funds may be suitable for investor who expects a higher return on investments as well as for a client who aims to complement balanced investment portfolio, while accepting a higher risk.

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  • Alternative funds

    Alternative funds

    SEB also offers funds, that invest into different asset classes, such as hedge funds and venture capital, currencies, commodities, and real estate funds. Asset class prices often move in different directions, that helps those funds to provide stability to the overall investment.

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  • Bond funds

    Bond funds

    Bond markets offer patient investors an attractive risk-reward ratio. Although bonds as asset class are considered to be less risky than equities, there are bonds and bond funds with different expected rates of return and risk levels.

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  • Regular saving or fund saving

    The amount determined by you is invested regularly in the selected investment fund if you sign a fund saving contract. Investing regularly means that you invest evenly when securities markets rise or fall. Even if you start investing regularly right before the securities markets fall, you will earn profits when the fall is replaced with a rise more quickly than you would with a one-off investment.

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