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Cards that fit perfectly in your daily routine


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A debit card is a secure and convenient way of paying for everyday products and services in Estonia and abroad.

A credit card is suitable when you need to borrow money for a short term, buy a desired item, travel abroad or just for daily usage of your own funds.

Choose the card that fits your needs the best

debit card

Mastercard Debit card

  • Free of charge when using a plan, otherwise - 1 euro a month
  • Possibility to use for mobile contactless payments
  • Payments in Estonia and abroad
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals from ATMs
  • No monthly fee with SEB Plans (except for Gold and Platinum cards)



ISIC and ITIC cards

  • Free of charge when using a plan, otherwise - 1 euro a month
  • Proves your academic status
  • Provides thousands of discounts
  • Usable as a public transport card
  • Make contactless payments up to 150 euros


gold-debit card

Mastercard Gold debit card

  • 1 euro when using any plan, otherwise - 1.50 euro a month
  • Priority service at a bank office
  • Special offers from our partners
  • Priority service by phone on 665 5100, when calling from the number provided in your contact data
  • Possibility to connect an excellent travel insurance with card
  • Annual travel insurance at a favourable price for the entire family



Mastercard Picture card

  • Free of charge when using a plan, otherwise - 1 euro a month
  • Personal and distinct
  • Available as a debit or credit card
  • Pay for the goods on the Internet
  • Make contactless payments up to 50 euros



Mastercard credit card with fixed payment

  • Free of charge
  • Regular monthly repayment
  • Additional contributions possible
  • Special interest of 16% for users of Super+, Senior or Family Plan
  • Make contactless payments up to 50 euros


private card predetermined repayment image

Credit card with predetermined repayment

  • 1.60 euros a month
  • Up to 45 days of interest-free credit
  • Possibility to transfer credit limit
  • Possibility to use your own funds
  • You can choose the day of repayment (5th – 15th date)
  • Make contactless payments up to 50 euros


platinum private card image

Mastercard Platinum credit card

  • 10 euros a month
  • Priority Pass membership card
  • Free travel insurance
  • Priority service in our bank offices
  • Possibility to transfer credit limit and use your own funds
  • Make contactless payments up to 50 euros


world elite mastercard card image

Mastercard World Elite

  • 35 euros a month
  • Mastercard Concierge personal assistant service abroad
  • Extended travel insurance
  • Priority Pass membership card that allows you to access business client lounges at more than 700 airports worldwide
  • Priority security check at Tallinn Airport, Riga Airport and Vilnius Airport
  • Large set of first-rate privileges which apply only for the owners of Mastercard World Elite


Choose a plan that fits your needs

  • Use of the card without any card monthly service fee (except Mastercard Gold, Platinum and World Elite)
  • Money transfers in euros without a commission fee to banks in Estonia and other European Economic Area countries (SEPA) 
  • Unlimited amount of bank accounts

Contactless payments - convenient and secure

  • Enable and disable contactless payments at any time in the mobile app
  • Without entering PIN, in Estonia you can pay up to 150 EUR for one purchase and this limit cannot be changed. For additional security, SEB has total contactless payment limit of 50 EUR, reaching which it is necessary to enter a PIN. You can change this limit within 5-150 EUR in the internet bank, mobile app or at any SEB branch
  • If you enter a wrong PIN three times consecutively when making a purchase, the card will be automatically blocked for security reasons. You can view the card’s PIN code in the internet bank and then unblock the card by entering the PIN code at an ATM of SEB

Mobile contactless payments

  • Mobile contactless payments are available for Android smartphones (software version starting from Android 6.0)
  • You can make payments by holding your smartphone over the card reader 
  • The maximum payment amount can reach 150 euros in Lithuania and abroad
  • Any type of active Mastercard card can be used to set up payments with phone

What to do if your payment card is lost or stolen?

  • Report this immediately by calling +372 665 5100 to block the card, or block the card yourself by using the mobile app
  • When you block your card, you can order a new payment card immediately
  • Within one week, we will produce and issue a new card and provide you a new PIN code. A defined fee is applied for new card issuance according to the price list

Frequently asked questions

In case your card is lost or stolen, we suggest blocking it immediately. You can block the card: 

  • in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Card” → “Blocking”)
  • in the Internet Bank (“Accounts and cards” → “My cards” → “Block card”)
  • by calling SEB Bank at +372 665 5100 (24/7) or on Skype

Yes. You can order a new card in the Internet Bank section "Accounts and cards" → "New card". Debit cards are sent by post. We can send the card to your residential address, office address or anywhere else in Estonia or abroad, wherever you usually stay or prefer to receive the card at. Sending by ordinary mail in Estonia is free.

You can view your card’s PIN code in the Internet Bank section "Accounts/Cards" → "My cards" → "View PIN code".

Yes. You can change the PIN code by using an ATM of SEB.

First you need to activate the card. You can do it either in mobile app or the Internet Bank:

  • in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Card”)
  • in the Internet Bank (“Accounts and cards” → “My cards” → “Activate card”)

A maximum daily limit for cash withdrawal at an ATM by a debit card is 3500 euros.
You can change cash withdrawal limits:

  • in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Settings and limits”)
  • in the Internet Bank (“Accounts and cards” → “My cards” → “Change details”)

A bank in your smartphone


  • Quick overview of your account balances
  • Convenient way to make and request payments
  • Manage your savings goals and bank cards

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