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SEB Senior Plan

SEB Senior Plan

Score an advantage after your 65th birthday

  • Free payments in Internet Bank
  • Debit and credit card with no monthly fee
  • Monthly fee just EUR 0.32

You are at least 65 years old. All settlement services in the plan are for one monthly fee, irrespective of the number of services you use.

Senior Plan suits you if you are at least 65 years of age
Make beneficial settlements! All settlement services are free in the plan, regardless of how frequently you use them.

Advantages of SEB Senior Plan

  • Current account without monthly fee
  • Free European payments in Internet Bank, standing payment orders, e-invoices with automated standing order, predefined domestic payments in ATM and Mobile Bank payments
  • One debit card (except for Gold debitcard) with no monthly fee
  • Credit cards (except for Gold creditcard) with no monthly fee
  • Special interest of credit card with fixed payment -2%
  • Digital Coin Jar - free solution for saving money

SEB Senior Plan includes:


Terms and conditions of SEB plan

SEB Senior Plan can be selected by clients starting from age 65.
Services not denoted in the table below are subject to the bank’s regular price list.

  SEB Senior Plan
Regular price list
1. Internal and European ordinary payment (incl. instant payment)    
SEB Internet Bank, SEB mobile app free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
ATM (automated teller machine) free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
standing order free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
e-invoice with automated standing order free of charge EUR 0.08 / 0.19
2. Mobile payment free of charge EUR 0.06
3. Monthly fees    
current account monthly fee free of charge EUR 0.30
debit card monthly fee (except Gold  debit card) one card free of charge (1), other cards 1 euro EUR 1
Gold debit card monthly fee EUR 1 EUR 1.50
credit card monthly fee (except Gold, Platinum and World Elite credit card) free of charge EUR 1.60
Pildikaart debit, Pildikaart credit, Pildikaart with standing payment - issue, replacement card and prolongation card free of charge EUR 3.20 / 5
SEB Senior Plan formalization fee, monthly fee EUR 0.32 -
4. Credit card interest, annual interest on used loan 16% 18%
5. Credit card with standing payment, annual interest on used credit 16% 18%

(1) The card related to the earliest debit card agreement concluded has no monthly fee.



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