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Debit cards

With a debit card you can pay for the goods and services in Estonia and abroad, withdraw cash and make payments in ATMs and Post Banks. Whereas, your money is safely in your account and you only use the amount you need. With new contactless cards, it is possible to make smaller purchases without inserting your card in the POS-terminal and entering the PIN.

If you are not yet a customer of SEB, open an account via a video meeting or book a meeting at a branch office.


  • Debit card

    Debit card

    With a debit card, you can use the funds in your current account for card payments and cash withdrawals. Using a deposit ATM, you can make payments into your own account. Debit cards in SEB Plans have no monthly maintenance fee (except for the Gold and Platinum cards).

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  • ISIC and ITIC cards

    ISIC and ITIC cards

    ISIC and ITIC cards combine the functions of an international student, pupil or teacher card and an international debit card, involving thousands of benefits all over the world.

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  • Gold debit card

    Gold debit card

    To our best clients, we offer the  Gold card ensuring exclusive service and various benefits in our bank as well as in other service enterprises. Upon request, you may order also a Gold credit card. * when calling from the number provided in your contact data

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  • Picture card

    Picture card

    You can design a personalised bankcard only as a client of SEB. You can pick a suitable photo for the card from our created designs or your own favourite pictures.

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  • SEB mobile contactless payment – bankcard in your phone

    With mobile contactless payment function you make purchases instantly by waiving the smartphone over the card terminal. The function can be used also to replace business or private customers' Mastercard cards.

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