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SEB+ Plan

  • 1.95 EUR monthly fee
  • Up to five Free payments in Internet Bank and mobile app
  • Debit card with no monthly fee
  • More benefits for less frequent settlements

SEB + Plan suits you,
if you

  • make up to five European payments in a month
  • do not need a credit card


Make beneficial settlements! You will get all services in the SEB + Plan for just EUR 1.95 in a month, regardless of how frequently you use them.

Price list

SEB + Plan are for clients from 18 years of age.
Services not denoted in the table below are subject to the bank’s regular price list.

  SEB + plan Regular price list
1. Current account monthly fee  free of charge EUR 0.30
2. A total of five internal and/or European ordinary payments (1) (incl. instant payment) free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
3. Internal and/or European ordinary payments with standing payment order free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
4. Internal and/or European ordinary payments with e-invoice with automated standing order free of charge EUR 0.08 / 0.19
5. Debit card monthly fee (except Gold debit card) one card free of charge (2), other cards 1 euro EUR 1
6. Gold debit card monthly fee EUR 1 EUR 1.50
7. SEB+ Plan formalization fee, monthly fee  EUR 1.95 -


(1) Payments, executed via Internet bank, ATM, SEB mobile app or banklink are taken into account.
(2) The card related to the earliest debit card agreement concluded has no monthly fee.