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Green Offers


Products that follow either SEB Green Bond framework criteria (PDF) or European Union Taxonomy regulation, which sets the criteria and standards by which European banks can classify green financing products.

Loans for sustainable, environmentally friendly purposes, such as reducing CO2 emissions, or for purposes that promote a green transition, such as the development of new environmentally friendly technologies.

car driving on the road through forest

Green leasing

By 2026, only cars with zero grams of CO2 emissions will be considered environmentally friendly in the EU. SEB already offers green leasing for the purchase of environmentally friendly cars on more beneficial terms.

Green Corporate loan

SEB offers green loans to companies that help to reduce climate change and have a positive impact on the environment.

Green Micro Business loan SME

To support sustainable business decisions, we have special offer for purchase of solar panels and electric car charging stations.

Green Home loan

Every home has a certain environmental impact. Greenhouse gas emissions depend on the amount of heat and electricity used at home. In order to reduce the environmental impact, we would like to facilitate building and buying energy-efficient homes.

  • Lower utility bills 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • A healthier living environment
  • Long-term advantage arising from the value of the property

Environmentally friendly offers

Environmentally friendly solutions, products, and services which do not follow European Union Taxonomy regulation, however, might have a positive effect to the environment. These products or solutions in „environmentally friendly offer” category do not fulfill all criteria required to be officially labeled as green or sustainable.


My Footprint App

  • The app is free of charge and available to everybody
  • MyFootprint | SEB will provide you with insights and tips on how to decrease your carbon footprint

Home energy-efficiency (consumer) loan

We are offering a loan at a fixed annual interest rate of 4.5% if you:

  • use the loan for purchasing and installing solar panels
  • conclude a loan protection insurance agreement at SEB with the loan, which will protect you in unexpected circumstances

Eco-friendly bank cards (ISIC)

The first environmentally friendly bank card in Estonia #maisic

The idea for the card was developed by SEB’s young colleagues within the framework of the Youth LAB internship programme. By introducing ISIC and ITIC bank cards made of corn, we at SEB will save about 230 kg of plastic per year.


All solutions offered in Robo-Advisor take into account the aspect of sustainability. The investments available in Robo-Advisor are classified as Article 8 and higher.

Significant pension

SEB ambition is to contribute to the transition to sustainable future. We believe investments that consider sustainability principles could be profitable in longer term.