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Sustainable financing – Green loan for business


SEB has a strong ambition to contribute to sustainable development and is committed to support our customers in the transformation towards a better world. We issue Green loan to our corporate customers’ loan projects that meet the requirements of SEB Green Bond Framework.

Responsible investments through Green Bond Concept

The Green Bond concept was developed in 2007/2008 by SEB and the World Bank as a response to increased investor demand for engagement in climate-related opportunities. SEB issued its first own green bond of EUR 500 million in 2017. SEB’s green bond proceeds are used for low-carbon and climate resilient projects and investments, by granting green loans.

New green business opportunities for our customers

SEB is committed to supporting its customers in their work on transitioning to sustainable solutions. Through sustainable financing, we contribute to a low-carbon business-models and sustainability as it is decisions taken today that will be determine our opportunities tomorrow.

Following our Corporate Sustainability Policy, SEB in the Baltic countries can issue the Green Loan to our corporate customers’ loan projects that meet the requirements of SEB Green Bond Framework.

By choosing the green loan – a business becomes a part of the green circle of sustainability.

What types of loans qualify as green?

A Green Loan is like any other loan, but funds must support environmentally sustainable projects.

We start with:

  • Renewable energy
    wind, solar, small scale hydro power, tidal, geothermal and bio energy & related infrastructure
  • Energy efficiency
    district heating/cooling, smart grids & energy recovery projects leading to energy efficiency gains > 25%
  • Clean transportation
    non-fossil fuel or hybrid  transportation solutions/systems & supporting infrastructure
  • Waste management
    waste-to-energy and methane capture projects and projects to reduce the amount of waste through process improvements
  • Emission reduction
    reduced emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx, particulates, heavy metals and dioxins into the air through physical, chemical & mechanical methods
  • Sustainable forestry
    forestry projects with a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or an equivalent certification scheme
  • Water & waste-water management
    drinking water production, waste-water treatment, management of water resources.

The Green Loan process – how does it work?

Each loan project will be assessed individually as to whether it can be classified as Green Bond Eligible Asset; that is, whether it is a low-carbon project, and whether it supports environmental and ecosystem improvements as determined by the
SEB Green Bond Framework (PDF)

Loans that meet these criteria may be reported as Green Bond Eligible Assets in the
SEB Green Bond Investor Report (PDF)

Choices matter. Make the right one for the environment.

For more information on Green Loan please contact your SEB client executive.