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Disbursements from the third pension pillar

The right to receive voluntary funded pension or third pension pillar disbursements arises when the person who has been accumulating funds in the third pillar reaches the age of 55 or becomes fully and permanently incapacitated for work regardless of their age.

The accumulated amount can be withdrawn earlier; however, in such a case, income tax is charged on the disbursements and the income tax incentive does not apply to the disbursements.

The size of the disbursements depends on the size of the reserve accumulated and the solution selected for the accumulation of pension.

To receive disbursements based on insurance contracts and from the money collected into funds, the policyholder will sign a contract with SEB Elu- ja Pensionikindlustus.

SEB Lifelong Pension

According to the SEB Lifelong Pension contract, the person receiving the pension is made disbursements from the third pillar in the amount previously agreed upon until the end of their life. Lifelong disbursements from the third pillar, as monthly and quarterly pension, are exempt from income tax.

SEB Lifelong Pension is aimed at people

  • who have been accumulating funds with the voluntary funded pension for at least five years;
  • who wish to have their voluntary funded pension disbursements exempted from income tax;
  • who have accumulated at least the recommended amount of 50 national pensions for pension disbursements.

With lifelong pension disbursements, the client can select the following special conditions as well:

  • a guarantee period that ensures the making of disbursements to heirs during an agreed period after the death of the insured person;
  • the deferral of disbursements, allowing to defer the beginning of disbursements, after signing a contract, for up to 12 months starting from entry into the contract.

In case of the death of the insured person during the guarantee period, the insurance contract expires, pension disbursements are stopped and beneficiary(-ies) are paid contractual pension disbursements as a lump sum.

Terms and conditions of SEB Lifelong Pension


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