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SEB Youth Plan

  • Subscription of daily banking services for youth aged 18 – 25
  • 0.32 EUR monthly fee
  • Environmentally friendly ISIC card without monthly fee
  • Free payments via app or internet bank
  • Sending cards both via regular mail and to parcel machines is free of charge


62% of 18-25 year old use Youth plan to make beneficial settlements! You will get all settlement services in the plan for EUR 0.32 in a month, regardless of how frequently you use them.

Price list

SEB Youth Plan price list applies for clients aged 18-25 (included). SEB Youth Plan is chosen by the client. As an extra benefit, safekeeping of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian securities is free of charge for those joining the plan. Services not denoted in the table below are subject to the bank’s regular price list.

  SEB Youth Plan Regular price list
1. Internal and European ordinary payment (incl. instant payment) 
SEB Internet Bank, SEB mobile app free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
ATM (automated teller machine) free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
standing order free of charge EUR 0.16 / 0.38
e-invoice with automated standing order free of charge EUR 0.08 / 0.19
2. Monthly fees
current account monthly fee (1) free of charge EUR 0.30 / 7
debit card monthly fee (except Gold debit card) one card free of charge (2), other cards 1 euro EUR 1
Gold debit card monthly fee EUR 1 EUR 1.50
credit card monthly fee (except Gold, Platinum and World Elite credit card) free of charge EUR 1.60
SEB Youth Plan formalization fee, monthly fee EUR 0.32 -

(1)    There is no monthly fee for customers resident in Estonia and the European Economic Area who are using plans. Customers resident in another country who is using plans will be charged the full monthly fee.
(2)    The card related to the earliest debit card agreement concluded has no monthly fee.