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Car leasing

Car leasing

New vehicle quickly and conveniently

  • New and used cars
  • Fast and easy business
  • A good insurance offer

We offer leasing for new and used vehicles. To lease a car, first select the desired vehicle and then submit us your lease application.

Lease conditions depend on the chosen vehicle and your payment ability. To get a personal lease offer, please submit a lease application.

Standard car leasing conditions of SEB
Type of lease

Financial lease

  • Suits you, if you want to become the owner of the vehicle at the end of lease
  • To reduce the monthly payment, it is possible to have larger bullet payment at the end of the lease
  • Suits for vehicles with 0% VAT rate (e.g. if sold by a private individual).
Operating lease
  • You do not have obligation to purchase the car at the end of the lease.
  • You may return the vehicle at the end of the lease term. The returned vehicle must be in proper condition, except for normal wear and tear. Please read the Instructions for Normal and Abnormal Wear and Tear (EST).
  • Generally involves  the seller’s redemption obligation and the resulting restriction to mileage.
  • We offer operating lease primarily for leasing cars sold by the partners of SEB.
Downpayment starting from 10% of the cost of vehicle
Lease period in months 12 24 36 48 60 72 84
Maximum residual value upon expiry of financial lease 65% 55% 45% 35% 30% 20% 0%
upon expiry of operating lease* 60% 50% 40% 30% 25% 15% -
Interest rate The interest rate of leasing is tied to the European Interbank Offered Rate, Euribor. It is possible to choose the Euribor rate changing either every 3 or every 6 months. A client-based interest margin will be added to the value of Euribor. Your personal offered interest margin considers your solvency, age of the selected car and liquidity, and possible campaign offers. To get a personal offer, please submit a lease application.
Contract fee

Ask for a personal lease offer.
Standard price is 1% of the cost of the vehicle, or EUR 225.
Discounts apply to SEB Gold Clients.

Lease payment Approximate lease payment can be calculated with the help of lease calculator.

We offer the PZU motor own damage insurance and motor third party liability insurance with a possibility to pay the insurance premium together with monthly lease payment. Upon request, you can conclude the insurance contract with the insurer of your choice. The motor own damage insurance is mandatory throughout the lease period and must be concluded with the minimal deductible.

*depends also on the redemption obligation agreed with car dealer

Requirements for the vehicle
  • We offer car leasing for new and used vehicles, if:
    • The financed amount of the price exceeds 5,000 euros
    • The age of the car upon expiry of the lease period is less than 16 years
    • The mileage of the car at the moment of purchase is less than 250,000 km
  • If the car dealer is not a partner of SEB, a valuation report prepared by a partner of SEB is to be submitted
  • Before conclusion of the lease contract, the car must be registered with the regional office of the Road Administration.
  • The leased vehicle must have a valid motor own damage insurance cover throughout the lease period. The motor third party liability insurance is the responsibility of the lessee.

If the needed credit amount for financing the purchase of a car is less than 5,000 euros, could be suitable for you the SEB Car loan. In case of loan there is no obligation for motor own damage insurance and valuation report and there are no restrictions to the age or mileage of the car.

You may become a lessee, if
  • You are an adult citizen of the Republic of Estonia or have a long-term residence permit
  • You have a permanent job with at least 6 months’ length of employment with regularly received monthly remuneration
  • Your income is sufficient for the payment of current loan, leasing and hire purchase obligations and daily subsistence. As permanent income, we consider remuneration and other regular certified income (rent, lease, allowance, scholarship, etc.).
  • Your total amount of all monthly credit obligations together with the new planned lease is up to 30-50% of your net income. The exact rate depends on your income and number of dependants.

You may apply for the leasing together with your spouse or partner, who will provide surety to the performance of lease obligations. In this case, we shall take into account the earnings and obligations of both persons.

Annual percentage rate as a typical example

The initial annual percentage rate of charge of car leasing (financial lease) is 2.98% under the following sample conditions:

  • price of vehicle, EUR 15,000 (VAT included);
  • down-payment EUR 1,500 (10% of the cost of vehicle);
  • residual value 25% of the cost of vehicle;
  • total amount of credit taken into use EUR 13,500 (VAT included);
  • interest rate 2.3% p/a on credit balance (the interest rate consists of 6 month EURIBOR and a margin of 2.3%; as at 10 February 2017 the 6 month EURIBOR rate was –0.24% (when calculating the interest, the negative EURIBOR value is considered equal to zero); the EURIBOR fixed in the contract may change every 6 months, the margin is fixed until the end of the contract);
  • repayment within 5 years in 60 monthly annuity payments;
  • contract fee EUR 225 is paid upon conclusion of the contract.

The total amount of repayments payable by the client is EUR 14,527.43 and total amount is EUR 16.280,41.

The vehicle shall have comprehensive insurance and third party liability insurance cover throughout the lease period. Costs of insuring, possible property registration costs, state fees and price of the valuation report were not considered in the APR calculations.


Steps to obtain leasing


Fill in the car leasing application

Fill in the leasing application in our Internet Bank, on our website, at a branch of SEB, or at a car dealership.


Submit the required documents

When applying for a car lease, please submit the following documents:

  • the bank statement of your current account for the last six months, if your income is not transferred to SEB;
  • the sale offer of the vehicle or a link to a sales advertisement published online;
  • if the seller of the vehicle is not our partner, please submit the valuation report of the vehicle and a copy of the certificate of registration.

You will receive an offer

We will then send you a personal lease and insurance offer.


Conclude a lease agreement

You can conclude a lease agreement at a car dealership if they are our partner, with your ID-card from your home, or at a branch of SEB.

You will receive the vehicle

Pay the agreed downpayment and contractual fee. Register the vehicle in the name of AS SEB Liising in the traffic register of the Road Administration. A seller who is a partner of SEB Liising will register the vehicle on your behalf. In other cases, SEB Liising will issue to you the power of attorney required for registration. Take out optional motor vehicle insurance and motor third party liability insurance.


Applying for lease
After you have found a suitable vehicle, submit us a lease application. First we advise you to familiarize yourself with the leasing conditions.
You may find a suitable vehicle from

There are several ways to submit your application

  • Fill in the electronic application in Internet Bank or on our homepage
  • Fill in the lease application at the SEB’s partner car dealer, who will assist you in lease-related matters and in forwarding the necessary documents
  • Send us a message, if you would like consultation at a bank office. You will be contacted and you can agree upon a time for consultation

When applying for leasing, present the following documents

  • Application either electronically or on paper
  • An account statement for the last 6 months, if your salary is not received in SEB
  • Personal data sheet of surety, if you apply for a leasing together with the provider of surety
  • Sales offer of a vehicle or notice of sale published on the Internet
  • Valuation report  of the vehicle and a copy of the certificate of registration, if the seller is not our partner. To order a valuation report, you can apply to the authorised dealership of the selected make of vehicle or to another company from the partner list of SEB

Entering into lease contract

  • When agreeing on lease terms, you can choose whether you wish to sign the lease contract at the car dealership that is a cooperation partner, using your ID card, or at a SEB branch
  • If the seller is not our partner, the seller must sign the sales contract at a branch of SEB

Receiving the vehicle

  • Pay the agreed downpayment and contract fee
  • Register the vecicle in the name of AS SEB Liising. If the seller is our partner, the latter will also register the vehicle. In other cases you will receive a respective power of attorney from SEB Liising for registration
  • Sign optional motor vehicle and motor third party liability insurance contracts.
    You will find more information from the subdivision "Insurance"

To receive the vehicle, you will be issued an instrument of delivery and receipt from SEB Liising, which must be returned to SEB Liising, signed, after the receipt of the vehicle

If the seller is a private individual, delivery shall generally take place after SEB Liising has made the payment to the seller.

A vehicle engaged in leasing must have a valid insurance cover. Both, the optional motor vehicle as well as motor third party liability insurance contracts must be concluded.

Requirements to insurance contracts of leased property

  • • We recommend choosing an insurer from the list of insurance companies preferred by SEB .
  • The vehicle must be insured at least for the amount corresponding to its market value throughout the lease term.
  • The insurance contract must be concluded with the minimal deductible, permitted by the insurer.
  • The beneficiary in the insurance contract must be AS SEB Liising.
  • The insurance conditions must ensure that any damages that may be caused by theft, robbery, fire, water damage, natural catastrophe, traffic accident and any other possible loss events would be covered with the full indemnity paid out.
  • Insurance premium must be paid on time in accordance with the insurance contract.
  • Insurance contract must be concluded for a period of one year.
  • To prove the validity of the insurance, please submit a copy of the new insurance policy to SEB within five days prior to the end of the valid insurance policy, at the latest. You may send it to the e-mail address or fax it to 665 5103

Should you have any questions during the validity term of the lease agreement or you wish to submit an application, then please contact us via Internet Bank or send a message from our homepage.
All fees, related to the lease agreement, can be found from the price list.

Power of attorney
Power of attorney for using the vehicle

  • If the user of the vehicle is not stated on the registration certificate, the responsible user of the car can apply to SEB for

- an unattested proxy to drive within the Republic of Estonia
- a notarised power of attorney to take the vehicle abroad

  • A notarised power of attorney is always required for taking the vehicle to CIS countries. In addition, a supplementary policy to optional motor insurance has to be concluded (if the current optional motor vehicle insurance is not valid in the CIS countries).

Power of attorney for procedures at the regional bureau of the Estonian Road Administration (ARK)
A responsible user of the car may apply to SEB Leasing for a power of attorney for necessary procedures at the ARK (e.g. if you would like to add or change users on the registration certificate, need a new licence plate, etc).

Applying for a power of attorney
Please submit us your application for a power of attorney (EST) in good time (for a notarised power of attorney at least three working days in advance), so that we could issue the power of attorney on time.

Amendment of lease contracts
To make amendments to the contract, submit us a written application.

Lease invoices
We shall send the lease invoices to Internet Bank or e-mail. Inform us of your preferred choice in a letter.
For more convenient payment of lease invoices we recommend e-invoice with automated standing order service.
You will find information on your current lease contract and payment schedule in Internet Bank.

Terminating financial lease and hire purchase

  • The lease term shall end with payment of the last lease payment. After all lease payments have been made and if, according to our knowledge, there are no additional claims against the vehicle (e.g. parking fine, fine for speeding), we shall send you a document for terminating the lease contract. On the basis of this document you have to reregister the vehicle in ARK and become the owner of the car.
  • If you have concluded financial lease with residual value, you will pay the residual value together with last payment. It is possible to apply for extension of the lease term for the payment of residual value in instalments. To submit an application, send us a letter.

Terminating operating lease

  • Upon expiry of the lease term you must return the vehicle.
  • Please examine the Instructions for Normal and Abnormal Wear and Tear of Vehicles. This contains detailed information on the quality requirements of vehicles upon returning.In case of an operating lease with redemption obligation, present the vehicle to the repurchaser for inspection before expiry of the contract.

Valid from 01.07.2015

  Price in euros
1.Entry into contract  
Enrty into contract, incl.
  • lease contract
  • service lease contract
  • debt agreement
1% of acquisition cost of lease item, min EUR 225
2. Amendment of contractual conditions  
Amendment of contract, incl.
  • extension of lease term
  • change of payment schedule
  • transfer of contract to new lessee
  • other contractual changes
1% on outstanding residual value*,
min EUR 160
Conclusion of new contract on the residual
value of ending contract
1% on contractual amount, min EUR 160
Amendment of payment day of a valid contract
upon client's request (first amendment free of
EUR 30
3. Powers of attorney, certificates, other VAT to be added
Unattested power of attorney EUR10
Notarised power of attorney EUR 75
Notice on breach and cancellation of contract EUR10
Invoice handling of motor TPL insuranc EUR 10
Proceedings of claim arising from violation of
parking rules
EUR 25 + incurred costs
Proceedings of claim, arising from violation of
traffic code
EUR 25 + incurred costs
Confirmation for subleasing property EUR 35
Cancellation / amendment of property
redemption invoice upon client's request
EUR 10
Balance confirmation EUR 10
Issuing a report upon client's request (invoices,
receivables, etc)
EUR 25
Making a copy of and forwarding a contract
upon client's request
EUR 10
4. One-time use of services under lease
contract (service not included in contract)
VAT to be added
Loss adjustment EUR 85
Change of tyres and storage (one-time change
and 6-month storage)
EUR 60
Change of tyres EUR 45
Transport of tyres within the city to the storage
(4 tyres)
EUR 19
Maxi-service of technical maintenance and
repair (incl. one-time pick-up and drop-off of
vehicle to/from the workshop)
EUR 60
Administration of invoices EUR 10
5. Pre-term termination of lease contract  
Early repayment of private lease contract
(contracts concluded after 01.07.2011 incl.)
As per contract
Pre-term termination of legal person's lease
contract with fixed interest
2.5% on outstanding residual value*,
min EUR 225;
difference of interest within the cost incurred from early
repayment of credit
Pre-term termination of legal person's lease
contract with variable interest (contracts
concluded before 30.06.2011 incl.)
2.5% on outstanding residual value*,
min EUR 225
Pre-term termination of legal person's lease
contract with variable interest (contracts
concluded after 01.07.2011 incl.)
As per contract

The precondition to providing the services applied for by the lessee is due fulfilment of contractual
The establisher of the price list reserves the right to make changes to the price list.
VAT shall be added to commission fees pursuant to Value Added Tax Act and other state and local fees
pursuant to the established legislation.
* Outstanding residual value means the total sum of outstanding payments and residual value, VAT

Base rates

Valid as 12.07.2018
1-month EURIBOR® -0,3700
3-month EURIBOR® -0,3210
6-month EURIBOR® -0,2710
12-month EURIBOR® -0,1790
EONIA® -0,3630
Bank's base interest 0,0000
EURIBOR® historical data
EONIA® historical data



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