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SEB Loan Protection

SEB Loan Protection

Increases your sense of security when taking a loan

  • Increases your sense of security in performing your loan obligations
  • Preserves your property and sense of security for your close ones
  • Provides a wide selection of insurance covers

SEB Loan Protection insurance is meant to guarantee the payment of loan obligations in a situation where as a result of an insured event the borrower would face difficulties with repayment of their loan or the loan payments of a certain period.


SEB Loan Protection insurance can be used for SEB’s home loan, mortgage and small loan. It is meant to protect incomes and the performance of loan obligations, if the borrower’s income has decreased or ended as a result of an insured event (severe health impairment, loss of capacity to work or employment, or death). This way, it is possible to make sure that the loan or a part of it is paid back to the bank.

Selection of insurance covers

Based on your needs, it is possible to select different insurance covers:

  • life insurance cover provides a sense of security that, in case of the death of the policyholder due to accident or illness, the insurer repays the loan or the agreed part of it to the bank;
  • severe health impairment cover can be concluded together with life insurance. In case of this cover the insurer repays the loan or a part of it to the bank in the event of loss of vision, paralysis, coma, etc.:
  • temporary disability cover enables you to fulfil your loan obligations in the event of a longer sick leave due to accident or illness. In this case the insurer continues the loan payments according to the policy conditions;
  • unemployment cover provides a sense of financial security for the period of unexpected unemployment. In this case the insurer continues the loan payments according to the policy conditions.

Loan protection coverage for small loans includes all four types of insurance cover

Good to know!

The insurance period of life insurance coverage shall commence upon concluding the insurance contract and shall last until the end of the loan period. The insurance period of impaired risk life insurance coverage, insurance coverage in the event of incapacity for work and loss of employment shall be one year, and it shall be extended automatically, unless the bank is informed of a wish to terminate the insurance contract.

Insurance premiums shall be paid together with loan repayments every month until the end of the loan period.

The sum of the insurance premium depends on the actual loan repayment amount and/or loan balance and the age of the insured.

Loan protection coverage can be concluded  by persons aged 18–55 who are permanent residents of Estonia, and until the maximum age of 61 of the policyholder.

If you wish to amend your life insurance agreement or terminate it prematurely, please call the insurance line at 665 8020 or write to .


Insurance cover for the loss of employment is offered by the Estonian branch of AB “Lietuvos draudimas”.
* PZU is the trademark of AB “Lietuvos draudimas” Estonian branch. AB “Lietuvos draudimas” is a Lithuanian non-life insurance company, belonging to the international PZU Group.
SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE Estonian Branch acts as the insurance agent of the Estonian branch of AB “Lietuvos draudimas”, and is entered in the list of insurance intermediaries published on the website of Financial Supervision Authority. The list is available at

Please read the terms and conditions of SEB loan protection insurance before you sign the insurance contract.

Terms and prices of SEB loan protection insurance

Temporary disability insurance information document Unemployment insurance information document

You can conclude a loan protection insurance contract together with a loan agreement secured with real estate or at any other time of your choice during the term of the loan agreement.

With the help of an insurance specialist, you can find the most suitable solution via a video meeting without having to leave home. Sign up for a consultation

In case of an insured event, you can submit a claim for compensation through our website.


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