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There are two ways you can save for a private pension


Third-pillar funds
Flexible savings in third-pillar funds:

  • Choose a fund that suits your age and risk tolerance the best
  • Start building your savings from 1 euro
  • This is your personal money that you can access before retirement age if necessary

The service is offered by the fund management company SEB Varahaldus.

Growth Portfolio for Pension
All of your pension assets are in your selected funds:

  • Manage pension investments yourself by selecting funds according to your risk tolerance and rate of return expectations
  • A wide selection of funds
  • Start building your savings from 30 euros per month
  • Possibility to withdraw some of the money

The service is offered and provided by the Estonian branch of SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.

III pillar advantages

20% income tax return
Flexible contributions and disbursement options
A wide variety of investment possibilities for different age groups and levels of risk tolerance
This is your personal money so you can use it before retiring; moreover, it is heritable

Do you need advice regarding your pension?

  • Our professional team will help to find a suitable solution for you based on your needs. In order to consult an expert, you can register for a video meeting or meet face-to-face – whichever suits you best!