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SEB interaction with the public through the media is an important part of customer relations, aiming at long-term and a trustworthy partnership. Our Communications Department is the primary source of information. As a rule, the leaders of the divisions are spokespersons on topics related to their area of responsibility.

Silver Vohu from SEB

Communication Department

Silver Vohu

Head of Communication Department

665 5393

Maarja from SEB

Communication Department

Maarja Kalamas

Communication Manager

5304 5743

Communication Department

Katre Kärner

Communication Manager


Allan Parik

Activity of the entire bank

Allan Parik

Chairman of the Management Board

665 5300

Ainar Leppänen

Retail Banking

Ainar Leppänen

Head of Retail Banking

665 5300

Corporate Banking

Peep Jalakas

Head of Corporate Banking

665 5300

SEB privaatpanganduse strateeg Sander Danil


Sander Danil

Private Banking Strategist

665 5222

Rein Karofeld from SEB


Rein Karofeld

Head of SEB Liising

665 7840

Macroeconomic analysis

Mihkel Nestor


665 5172

Sustainable banking

Tatjana Vakulenko

Sustainability Officer

665 6134