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Watercraft leasing

A convenient way to purchase a yacht, launch or a motorboat.

Starting from

6000 EUR

Lease financing

Up to

10 years*

Term of lease

Starting from


Down payment

*For yachts and watercraft, to be registered in the ship register, up to 120 months. For launches and other watercraft, to be registered in ARK, up to 72 months.

Reach your goal in just a few steps


Submit applicationFind out a monthly leasing payment

  • Choose a yacht, launch or a motorboat you would like to purchase
  • Apply for leasing and receive an answer about your financing opportunities
  • In the agreement you can choose the insurance for your watercraft
  • Sign the agreement remotely
  • Make the first deposit
  • Register your watercraft in the ship register or ARK
  • SEB leasing transfers funds to the watercraft seller

Choosing leasing in SEB provides various benefits

Lease financing is available both for new and used watercrafts
Reviewing your application within 1-2 business days
Apply and sign the agreement and other related documents remotely
Insurance and leasing payments can be received in one invoice

Insurance for protection in unexpected situations


A leased watercraft shall be insured

To prove the validity of the insurance, please submit a copy of the new insurance policy to SEB within five days prior to the end of the valid insurance policy, at the latest. You may send it to the e-mail address or fax it to 665 5103

Requirements for the insurance contract of leased property:


  • The insurer shall be an insurance undertaking accepted by SEB
  • The vehicle shall be insured throughout the entire lease period, at least to the extent of the sum corresponding to the market value
  • The insurance contract shall be concluded for a period of one year and with the smallest excess allowed by the insurer
  • In the insurance contract, AS SEB Liising shall be noted as the beneficiary
  • The insurance policy for a water craft shall contain insurance cover against fire, storm, collision, theft and vandalism
  • The conditions of the insurance contract shall ensure the full payment of the benefit in the case of the sinking of the watercraft
  • In addition, civil liability insurance must be concluded for the lease period



We provide two types of watercraft leasing


To get a personal lease offer, please submit an application.



  • Financing of recreational craft with financial lease for the acquisition of recreational craft (total length 2.5-12 metres) to be registered in the Estonian Road Administration (ARK)
  • Financing of ships secured with mortgage for the acquisition of watercraft to be registered in the ship register (total length exceeding 12 metres)

Final lease conditions depend on the chosen vehicle and the customer situation.

Have a question about leasing or vehicle purchase?


Should you have any questions during the validity term of the lease agreement or you wish to submit an application, then please contact us via Internet Bank or send a message from our homepage.

For more information about leasing and related services, terms or rates please call +372 665 7910 or send an e-mail to

Annual percentage rate as a typical example

The initial annual percentage rate of charge of watercraft leasing (financial lease) is 5.64% under the following sample conditions:

  • price of vehicle, EUR 30,000 (VAT included);
  • down-payment EUR 6,000 (20% of the cost of vehicle);
  • residual value 0% of the cost of vehicle;
  • total amount of credit taken into use EUR 24,000 (VAT included);
  • interest rate 5.00% p/a on credit balance (the interest rate consists of 6 month EURIBOR and a margin of 5.00%; as at 23 March 2021, the 6 month EURIBOR rate was –0.518% (when calculating the interest, the negative EURIBOR value is considered equal to zero); the EURIBOR fixed in the contract may change every 6 months, the margin is fixed until the end of the contract);
  • repayment within 5 years in 60 monthly annuity payments;
  • contract fee EUR 225 is paid upon conclusion of the contract;
  • the total monthly fees of the bank's current account and payment order are 0.46 euros.

The total amount of repayments payable by the client is EUR 27,226.20 and total amount is EUR 33,479.16

Possible property registration costs, state fees, price of the valuation report and the annual premiums of property and civil liability insurance insurance were not considered in the APR calculations.