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Travel insurance

More time to get ready for a trip and less hassle with travel insurance


EUR 89

annual price


customer support

Valid for

1 year

(one trip may last for up to 90 days)

In cooperation with insurance partner PZU Kindlustus*

We offer insurance solutions, which help in managing all vehicle-related risks. PZU comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is designed for SEB clients, who seek better protection for their passenger cars and vans and need a high-quality insurance solution. The insurance offer includes an offer for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance (unless the age of the vehicle exceeds 20 years) and an offer for motor third party liability insurance.

PZU Kindlustus is the recognised insurance partner of the Estonian Vehicle Dealers and Services Association.

Travel without a worry

In cooperation with PZU, we have developed great travel insurance packages for our clients. A travel insurance contract can be entered into via SEB’s Internet Bank for private customers and at bank branches.

Valid for one year (one trip may last for up to 90 days)

Valid all over the world (except in the Republic of Estonia)

Business trips are insured as well

Choose level of protection that suits you the best

89 €

  • Silver-reisikindlustuse lepingu saab sõlmida iga meie klient, kellel on Eestis alaline elukoht


89 €

  • Gold-reisikindlustuse lepingu saab sõlmida meie klient, kellel on Eestis alaline elukoht ning Mastercard Gold deebet- või krediitkaart
  • Kindlustus kehtib SEB kliendiga (kindlustusvõtjaga) koos reisivale kuni kolmele pereliikmele, kes on lisatud poliisile. Pereliikmeks loetakse abikaasat või elukaaslast ning kuni kahte alla 18-aastast last (või alla 22-aastast, kui nad õpivad päevaõppes)


25 €

  • Child-reisikindlustuse lepingu saab sõlmida kehtiva Gold- või Silver-reisikindlustusega klient oma alla 18-aastasele (või alla 22-aastasele päevases õppes õppivale) lapsele, kellel on Eestis alaline elukoht
  • Child-reisikindlustus kehtib lapsele vaid juhul, kui laps reisib koos kindlustusvõtjaga

Child-reisikindlustus on vajalik: Silver - reisikindlustusega alates esimesest lapsest ja Gold-reisikindlustusega alates kolmandast lapsest.

With any plans you are covered

  • Medical expenses in case of unforeseen illness or accident
  • Dental expenses
  • Medical transport
  • Baggage damage during air flight
  • Baggage Loss During Air Flight
  • Loss or theft of passport
  • Liability insurance
  • Legal aid

Travel insurance with a card

You can get travel insurance together with a credit card.


What to do in case of insured event. Essentials.

  • Immediately inform relevant authorities (the police, the fire and rescue service or the manager of the house) about the event
  • Call 24/7 PZU at (+372) 622 4545, e-mail or via homepage at
  • When sending an e-mail, provide a brief description of what happened, where, to whom, append your contact details, and we will contact you at the first opportunity

Need to have a consultation about insurance?

If you have questions about conclusion of a new contract call 665 5100

If you have questions about your existing insurance call at all times 622 4545