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Meet employees in Product Development and Tech

Mihkel Matson

"You have the opportunity to change the status quo."

Delivery Team Lead Mihkel Matson tell us how his job has changed throughout the years, he has switched between different positions. That is one of the biggest benefits of SEB – you have the opportunity to grow both horizontally and vertically, try new things and learn.

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Angelika Piip

"Life is versatile every day, and that is what I enjoy most about my job."

Business Developer Angelika Piip started working at SEB call center over six years ago while studying at university. Angelika’s career path illustrates how large companies offer a variety of opportunities for professional development. “There is more of everything,” says Angelika about the career opportunities.

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Kadri Arula

"It is important for me that living in Saaremaa I have the opportunity to work remotely."

Kadri Arula is a product owner at Customer Engagement Solutions team responsible for communicating with the bank’s customers in a virtual environment. She works remotely every day from her home on the island of Saaremaa and from SEB Kuressaare branch. People at SEB, creativity at work, and freedom are some of the reasons Kadri recommends SEB as a first job and for experienced professionals seeking a new challenge.

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Andreas Pihelgas

"You do not have to change employer to try something new."

Andreas Pihelgas is a solutions architect who takes care of achieving efficiency in all the bank’s operational processes daily. Coding is his passion. Outside working hours too, Andreas is passionate about trying out new technologies and participates in game jams. According to him, the ability to learn on your own and within a team is one of the most important qualities for a successful career in technology.

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Sandra Nigulis

"Feed me challenges and I will blossom!"

Sandra Nigulis works as a senior business developer in the bank’s Savings and Investments area and is also a successful football referee officiating Estonian football club matches. She points out that new challenges are the key to human growth, while trust is the key to success. “Trust is of utmost importance because it enables you to face challenges and solve them better,” says Sandra.

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Georgi Suikanen

“In a large IT organisation, there is an opportunity to learn something new almost every day.”

Our software developer Georgi Suikanen has always known that he wanted to link his future with IT. He got to where he is today largely thanks to his participation in SEB's mentoring programme and his studies at the kood/Jõhvi coding School. “The task of a software developer is to understand what the customer wants and to ask repeatedly why this is necessary. Then you have to come up with a solution, and only then you start writing the code,” Georgi sums up the main role of a software developer.

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"SEB gave me the opportunity to get more involved with robotics."

Raivis Lazdāns is the head of the Robotic Process Automation team in the Baltic States. He has worked at the bank for almost seven years. During this time, he and his colleagues have developed robotics as an important development direction for the efficiency of the Bank’s processes. As a self-taught roboticist, Raivis deepened his theoretical knowledge through a SEB-funded training programme. Raivis teaches robotics basics to children in Latgale during his spare time.

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Irmina Švambarė

"Our job is to turn chaos into structure and order."

Irmina Švambarė is a project manager in SEB bank’s Baltic Portfolio and Project Management team. Together with her colleagues she is responsible for managing large and complex, cross-functional projects and implementing changes. “Our job is to turn chaos into structure and order” - this is how she figuratively describes how ideas are shaped into concrete initiatives and actions.

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Dmitri Kuraksa

“The amount of technology available is always greater in a large company.”

Dmitri Kuraksa is an Enterprise Architect who has worked in the technology sector since Estonia’s independence. His experience includes teaching at Tallinn University of Technology and the early days of the Internet, which sparked a great interest in technology among the next generation of students and entrepreneurs in Estonia. Dmitri believes that anyone who is interested in technology and willing to spend a lifetime learning can have a successful career in IT.

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