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Secure online purchases

MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode

  • Free service for more secure Internet purchases
  • Your bank cards are integrated with the programme automatically
  • Authentication is seamless and user-friendly

“3D Secure” is a solution created by international card organisations that employs additional identification of the cardholder to make Internet purchases more secure. This will reduce the potential for any card fraud online. Even if bank card information is copied, the imposters will not be able to use that information alone to pay for purchases at online shops that have joined the programme.

We will integrate all your SEB issued bank cards with the 3D Secure programme automatically. Use of the programme is free and means just one additional identification when making an online purchase.

Those online shops that have joined theis security system will feature the “Mastercard ID Check” and/or “VISA Secure” logo. To date, all of Estonia’s online shops have joined the programme.

How does the 3D Secure programme work?

  1. Once you have entered your bank card details during an online purchase, you will be directed to the the webpage of the SEB Internet Bank page, where you will be asked to identify your personauthenticate yourself to confirm payment. EFor this, enter your SEB Internet Bank username, select a method of authentication and enter your passwordcode.
  2. Successful authentication re-directs you back to the merchant and the purchase transaction will continue as usual.
  3. Should authentication fail, an alternative method of payment is to be selected for the merchant (an alternative bank card or a bank link for Estonian merchants).

MasterCard SecureCode


1. What SEB cards can be used to pay at online shops?

All bank cards issued by SEB are suitable for payments in online shops.

2. Which card rights should be activated in Internet Bank in order to pay with the card at online shops?
  • You can pay with the card inat online shops, if the card agreement allows transactions such as “using on the Internet” and “paying in business enterprises”.
  • You can view and change your valid rights from the Internet Bank menu item ““Transactions” → “Cards”.
  • If the transaction fails, please check the limits set for the card.
3. How can I, as a cardholder, join the 3D Secure programme?

You do not need to do anything additional. We will integrate all  SEB bank cards issued by SEB bearing the Mastervard and Visa logo with the programme automatically.

4. What to do if authentication fails?

Press the “Cancel” button and you will be directed to the merchant to select an alternative method of payment.

5. What to do if I have entered my username or codes incorrectly?

If a username or codes are entered incorrectly three times in a row, SEB will block the user account on the Internet Bank for 12 hours. To open your user account, please call our customer support number +372 665 5100.

6. How do I know if a merchant has joined the 3D Secure programme?

The websites of all merchants that have joined the programme will feature the “ Mastercard ID Check” and/or “VISA Secure” logo. To date, the programme has been joined by all online merchants in Estonia, that use the services of banks operating in Estonia, have joined the programme.

7. What to do if a merchant has not joined the 3D Secure programme?

If a merchant has not joined theis programme, a customer will not be asked to identify authenticate themselves when buying from an online shop.
If you are not completely certain as to theabout the security of a webpage, yet wish to buy from it nonetheless, we advise you to create e for yourself the SEBa Virtual Card. Virtual card, which will be valid for 40 days only and on which you will be able tocan set the limit needed for your purchase. Should the information of your Virtual Card come into the hands of an imposter fraudster after a purchase, they will not be able to do a thing with ituse it, as the card will have no funds on it and will soon expire.



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