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Switching pension funds


There are two different options for switching a second pillar pension fund.

Direct your future contributions into a new pension fund by completing an application stating your choice of fund.

After selecting a fund

  • your payments will be made to the new fund, and
  • the units of the current fund will be maintained and continue to earn a profit in the previous fund.

This means that there will be units of several different funds on your pension account from now on.

A new pension fund can be selected at any time, with the changes taking effect within three banking days. There is no charge for directing the payments to the new second pillar pension fund.

Submit a selection application

Switch the units of one pension fund to the units of another pension fund by submitting an application to perform a switch.

You can transfer the assets that have accumulated in one pension fund to another pension fund

  • in full, or
  • in part (for example 25%, 50% or 75%).

The transferred units will be exchanged for the units of the new pension fund which you have chosen. Payments will continue into the same fund where they were made previously.

Switching the units of the mandatory pension fund is free of charge.

The terms for submitting an application to perform a switch are 30 November, 31 March and 31 July. Until these dates, it is also possible to change an already submitted application by submitting a new application to perform a switch, in which the fund you want is listed as the source fund.

Example: The client submits an application, according to which 50% of the source fund is to be allocated to fund 1 and 50% to fund 2. The next day they submit a new application: to transfer 30% of the same fund into fund 4. On the basis of the second application, the first application is cancelled and 30% of the units are transferred to the 4th pension fund.

Submit an application to perform a switch

If you also wish to direct the new contributions to the new fund, in addition to the assets already accumulated, please fill in both the selection application and the application to perform a switch.
The selection application and the application to perform a switch can both be submitted via the Internet Bank or at any SEB branch.

When selecting or exchanging your pension fund, please take into consideration

  • your personal risk tolerance,
  • retirement time, and
  • the pension fund's rate of return, risk level, investment strategy and fees.