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Special offer: From 31.10.2023-31.12.2023, a 0-euro contract fee for customers who apply for a consumer loan for the purpose of home repair and furnishing, buying a car, buying solar panels, improving the energy efficiency of the home.
The above offer is not binding on the bank and getting a loan depends on your ability to pay.

Home purchase or construction


Home loan

  • Loan amount starting from 10,000 euros
  • Term up to 30 years
  • Interest rate 3-, 6-, or 12-month EURIBOR + individual interest margin
  • Contract fee 1% of the loan amount, min 190 euros
  • Self-financing from 15%
  • Real estate collateral is required
  • Home insurance is required

It is possible to get PZU Home insurance, and together with the loan agreement, SEB Loan Protection.

Home consumer loan

  • Interest rate from 6.9%
  • Loan amount 1,000−20,000 euros
  • Term from 6 months to 7 years
  • Contract fee 1% of the loan amount, min 75 euros
  • Self-financing is not required
  • Collateral is not required
  • Home insurance is not required

It is possible to get SEB Loan Protection together with the loan agreement.