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Mobile-ID, ID card and PIN-calculator



Mobile-ID is your digital identity document in the mobile phone.
With Mobile-ID you can access e-services, make payments, take out contracts and give a digital signature.

Easy and convenient

You do not need a card reader or additional software; in addition, Mobile-ID can be used in Estonia as well as in abroad.

Ordering and prices

Mobile-ID is a paid service. For more information, contact your mobile operator.
You can conclude the agreement for using the Mobile-ID service at your mobile operator. As a personal identity document, please take along your ID-card, or in case of a digital ID, the Estonian passport.

Further information about Mobile-ID

ID card

To use the ID card on the web, your computer needs the ID card reader. To sign documents digitally, your computer needs the ID-software.

Download ID-software
If confirming payments in Internet Bank fails. Read instructions on signing.


A PIN-calculator generates a new code every time, which cannot be used twice for entering the Internet Bank, thus making it difficult to steal the codes. Request a PIN-calculator from a bank office.

PIN-calculator user instructions (PDF)
Application to send PIN calculator by post (PDF)
Confirmation of receipt of the PIN calculator by post (PDF)
Consent to withdraw PIN calculator fee (PDF)