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Internal payment

  • Transfer money online quickly and conveniently from any location in the world
  • Apply for a service plan to transfer money in euros to accounts with the SEB free of charge

You can transfer money to another account opened with SEB by logging in to your internet bank, using the mobile app or by visiting a branch.

Make a transfer

About the service

You can transfer funds to your or other persons’ bank account with SEB both in euros and in foreign currencies. The same rates and terms apply to transfers in euros and in foreign currencies. 

Money is credited to the beneficiary's account on the same day in seconds. Payment orders received after 11 pm, usually are executed immediately, however in account statement such payments may be shown with the next day’s execution date.

What should you specify to the remitter for money to be credited to your account?

If you are expecting money transfer to your account with the SEB, you should specify to the remitter following details:

  • The correct number of your account with the SEB in the IBAN format (the funds are credited to the account based on the number)
  • Your first name and surname 

How to transfer funds?

There are several ways you can transfer money to your or to any other account in Estonia, European Union, European Economic Area countries and the United Kingdom: online, via mobile app or by visiting our branch:

  • Log in to the internet bank, select “Transactions” → “New payment”, complete the required fields of the electronic payment order and confirm the transaction
  • Open SEB mobile app
  • Visit a SEB branch of your choice and bring your personal identity document. Remember to book the meeting first


Outgoing payments At a bank office Electronic services (incl. standing payment order, banklink payment)
Internal payment (1)
in euros EUR 2.30 EUR 0.16
in foreign currency EUR 3 EUR 2
intra-account conversion free of charge free of charge

(1) Upon compulsory collection (attachment order of a bailiff, tax administrator, other entitled persons) the fee for a payment made at a branch office shall apply.