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Mobile contactless payments – payment card in your smartphone


Starting February 2024, we will renew our mobile app and will disable the SEB wallet. You can add your card to Google Pay.

  • Mobile contactless payments are available for Android smartphones that support NFC contactless payments
  • You can make payments by holding your smartphone over the card reader
  • The maximum amount of any one payment may not exceed 150 euros in Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania and abroad
  • You can make payments by any type of active Mastercard card

Download the SEB mobile app

Google Play link

How to start?

  • To use SEB app as a payment method, you need to download the SEB mobile application for Android smartphones.
  • Go to “Cards” section and tap on “Add to SEB Wallet”.
  • Mobile contactless payments are available to both private individuals and corporate customers, who use any type of activated Mastercard payment card. You may also use a card without the contactless payment function.

How to pay by phone?

  • Before paying, check that SEB app has been selected as default payment method on your device.
  • To pay by phone, unlock your phone and hold it over the card reader.
  • You can make payments at any point of sale, which accepts contactless payments.

What are the payment limits?

  • You can make payments up to 25 euros without authentication. However, the SEB app will occasionally request you to authenticate the payment.
  • Payments from 25 to 150 euros must be confirmed using the SEB app.
  • If the amount exceeds 150 euros, payment can be made with your payment card.

Are payments secure?

  • Smartphone payments are secure. However, you can improve the security even more by enabling a screen lock on your phone, keeping your phone’s software up to date and avoiding sharing your phone with others.
  • In the SEB mobile app you can choose one of two payment methods: a manual mode, which requires to open the SEB mobile app before each payment, or an automatic mode, which requires you only to unlock your phone screen before payment transaction.