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SEB Liising


AS SEB Liising was founded in 1994 and is one of the biggest lease service providers in Estonia in terms of market share. Its shares are 100% owned by AS SEB Pank. SEB Liising offers car and home leasing to private individuals and a wide range of leasing services and factoring to business customers.

For providing even better service to its existing customers and to win new ones SEB Liising has set innovative development work proceeding from customers’ needs as its priority for the upcoming years. This involves cooperation with the banking group, expansion of client service network, offering complex solutions of partners and of public support organisations to clients.

Lease services

Leasing may be used for acquiring passenger cars, vans, watercraft, buses, trucks and such special purpose equipment from SEB Liising like tractors, construction vehicles, forest and road construction machinery. With equipment leasing one may finance e.g. the purchase of production means or equipment required for providing the services or, instead, release working capital in the form of lease-back transactions.

Factoring services

SEB Liising offers also factoring service, enabling companies to finance current assets without additional security.