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Risk insurance

Risk insurance

Increases the material security of your family

  • Replaces lost income
  • Enables to cover financial obligations
  • Provides broad selection of insurance covers

Risk insurance increases the material security of your family in case of the death of the provider. Risk insurance gives you the opportunity to ensure the well-being of your close ones when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

With risk insurance, you are taking responsibility for the future and the well-being of your close ones. Risk insurance is life insurance, with the agreed sum insured paid out in case of death.

Insuring your life is of particular importance when you are the sole or the main provider of the family, who all other family members depend on. Insuring yourself is also important if your job or hobby involves risks.

In the case of risk insurance, the sum insured can be spent at the beneficiaries’ discretion. It can make up for income lost by the insured person’s family and cover any expenses related to the insured person’s death. If necessary, risk insurance can help to cover financial obligations, such as a home loan, car leasing, credit cards, consumer loan, etc.

Selection of insurance covers

Risk insurance can be complemented with insurance covers:

  • critical illness insurance cover, the agreed sum insured is paid out to compensate for a decrease in income in case of a serious illness and to cover treatment costs;
  • accident insurance cover offers compensation in case of temporary or permanent incapacity for work as a result of an accident;

Good to know!

The length of the insurance period can be from 1 year to 30 years and the age of the insured upon expiry of the contact up to 70 years. The insurance premium stated in the contract is valid until the end of the period. The younger is a person when concluding the contract, the smaller is the insurance premium.

The recommended sum insured of life insurance is 3–5 times the annual net income of the insured. This guarantees that the economic situation of your family after an insured event will be more or less the same as before the insured event.

Contributions to the risk insurance contract are made according to the agreed schedule.

Beneficiaries are the persons stated in the contract, to whom the sum insured is paid in case of an insured event. Appointing a beneficiary ensures quicker loss adjustment in case of an insured event as there is no need to go through the inheritance process before applying for the insurance indemnity.

If you wish to amend your life insurance agreement or terminate it prematurely, please call the insurance line at 665 8020 or write to .


Please read the terms and conditions of risk insurance before you sign the insurance contract.

General terms and conditions
Risk insurance terms and conditions


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