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Maisic card

The first environmentally friendly bank card in Estonia #maisic


The Youth Plan is useful with the bank card

  • Debit card without a monthly maintencence fee
  • Free payments
  • Free mobile and Internet bank
  • Free savings solutions in mobile app

Don't have an account in SEB?

Become a customer in the most convenient way to you.

ISIC – take your bank card personally

Did you know that new ISIC cards are made of corn and contain 82% less plastic compared to a regular bank card?

  • Verifies your status as a student/pupil.
  • Usable as a public transport card.
  • Contactless payments of up to 50 euros can be made.
  • Thousands of discounts in Estonia and abroad

If you are no longer a student, read more about SEB's debit card options.

The Digital Coin Jar will make it easy to save money

The Digital Coin Jar is a solution for saving money which rounds up card payments to the full euro and transfers the difference between the rounded and paid sum from your current account to the savings deposit. This way, the money in your savings deposit will grow gradually, but consistently.

Are you wondering how to use money wisely?

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Turning 18?

Congratulations with stepping into new era. Find out your new possibilities, actions that has to be taken and responsibilities.

Next steps

  1. You have to renew your personal data in IB


  1. Your accounts are no longer linked with your parents / guardians
  2. In internet bank you can open more current accounts, apply for cards, loans, investments and more
  3. Junior plan has ended, so to continue saving, you have to apply for the special Youth Plan
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