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E-documents portal

  • Agreement and application signing in digital environment
  • Convenient way to submit digital documents to the bank
  • Access to digital document status and archive


Agreements, applications and other documents can be signed and submitted to the bank electronically, without the need to visit a bank’s branch in person. This service is convenient, secure and easy to use.

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The most frequently signed digital documents

  • Home loans and collateral agreements, including amendments;
  • Consumer loan agreements and amendments;
  • Agreements related to leasing service.


The list of digital documents available for signing is constantly updated. In e-documents section of the internet bank (Additional services → E-documents) you can view digital documents waiting for your or third party’s signature and upload a digital document to send it to the bank for processing. In the archive you can conveniently find all the previously signed digital documents.

E-documents portal is available to not only SEB customers, but also to the people who are not yet customers of SEB.

Using e-documents portal will save you time because you are not required to visit a branch office to sign documents. In addition, the portal helps us to protect the environment together by eliminating the paper consumption associated with applications and agreements.

Read more about the means of authentication required to use e-documents portal.