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SEB Growth program

 Innovation through co-creation


The SEB Growth Program is a business accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs to design new business directions, build partnerships, and boost their innovation capacity

Guided by international and local experts, the program will help you develop a system and an action plan and build your cooperation capacity:

  • Developing co-creation projects in an open innovation environment
  • User-centred approach and customer involvement in product development
  • Brainstorming new solutions
  • Market experiments and sustainable innovation

The SEB Growth Program develops the knowledge and skills to help you achieve business growth. The program will focus in particular on developing sustainable entrepreneurship and setting tangible goals and solutions that create added value for customers.

Program participants’ stories

Program introduction

The 2023 program is international and in English.

The program lasts from August to October 2023.

Practical seminars and workshops



Up to



Tools to develop

new cooperation directions

Participation fee


euros ( At the end of the program, we kindly ask to make a donation to Junior Achievement Estonia to support youth entrepreneurship)

Who are we looking for?

Medium and large-scale companies focussed on innovation and cooperation

Companies with the ambition to develop

Companies operating for more than 2 years

Program mentors

Jana Kukk

Jana Kukk

Jana is a co-founder of the strategic design agency Rethink and a service designer and the head of the d.Lab service design lab of TalTech. She has worked in the field of service design and strategic management consultation for over fifteen years. Jana has a PhD and she researched business service design and value creation in the course of acquiring the degree. Her articles have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and she is a co-author of the book ‘Managing Complexity and Creating Innovation Through Design’.

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Jussi Hermunen

Jussi Hermunen

Jussi is the CEO of the consultancy firm Digitalist Finland. Previously, he has led the field of innovation of Ernst & Young in the Nordic countries and has headed the international creative agencies Idean and Fjord. He has over twenty years of experience in service design and user-focussed business development, and his clients include international brands, such as Ericsson and Adidas. For the last five years, he has primarily focussed on business model innovation, supporting the development of collaboration between different business functions.

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Guro Røberg: Collaboration as a strategic skill to be develop for business growth

Guro Røberg (Design Leader) introduces her experience with co-creation and shares best practices for innovative product development at SEB Innovation Centre.

  • Building trust, connections and creativity to support innovation
  • Innovating in business collaborations: what, how and why?

Program tools to support your company’s growth

Innovative business development idea

Practical workshops and homework

  • Understanding open innovation opportunities and the methods for sustainable business growth
  • Creating a value proposition and testing with the target audience

New partner

Speed dating and matchmaking

  • Mapping co-creation opportunities and brainstorming joint business opportunities
  • A joint pitching session and expert support to further develop ideas

Experience and inspiration

Inspiring presentations and mentoring

  • Four public lectures with a seminar and four independent homework assignments.
  • Meetings with experts to help develop and refine business ideas after the programme

Program graduates

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Participants' stories and previous seminars

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Videos of previous seminars

Companies participating in the growth program contribute to the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs

  • Participation in the growth program is free. At the end of the program, we invite entrepreneurs to support Junior Achievement Estonia (JA Estonia) in order to contribute to the development of young entrepreneurship and the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs.
  • JA Estonia has made it a matter of its heart for young people to be able to try to be entrepreneurs during school time for 20 years already.
  • The support received from entrepreneurs goes to the development of the entrepreneurship program. For example, there is a desire to supplement the program with a design thinking methodology and to pay more attention to environmentally friendly thinking.
  • The companies participating in the growth program have supported Junior Achievement Estonia with a total of 17,360 euros.


During candidate's selection to participate in the program, SEB keeps the right to give first-hand to own customers, however, it is not mandatory to be a SEB client to be invited to participate in the program. 

The company's participation cost in the Growth Program is covered by SEB. However, at the end of the program SEB collects donations for Junior Achievement Eesti, to support next generation of entrepreneurs. 

The Growth Program for companies consists of two parts. Every other week there will be a 6-8 hour long seminars, as well as work groups led by mentors and industry professionals. During the weeks between online seminars, Growth Program participants will complete tasks that can take up to 8 hours and sign up for individual mentoring sessions with the respective expert/mentor. Participants will be provided with all the necessary materials and information, as well as access to the online tools that will be used to support the program. Throughout the program participants will receive hands-on support from the program’s team. 

When participating in the Growth Program, keep in mind that each team member representing the business will need to devote approximately 8 hours per week  for eight weeks.

As the business trends emerging from the programme will call for strategic decisions and implementation, we are looking for business leaders (at least one) + one product/service manager to participate in the programme.

The goal of the Growth Program is to accelerate the growth of your company, ideally - by ten times in ten years your company's financial performance. As part of the program, you will gain knowledge and practical experience on how to develop a successful, customer-friendly product that is easy to scale in the global market. At the end of the program, under the guidance of mentors and experts, you will develop a 100-day development plan that will become the basis for achieving your goals

Anette from SEB

Need advice on the program? 

Contact our Innovation manager Anette Ustal

by e-mail or call at +372 52 401 88