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New application programming interface to integrate with the bank

  • Direct connection to accounting software
  • Secure data exchange in real-time
  • Convenient and automated way of using banking services

Baltic Gateway

About the service

SEB Baltic Gateway is a solution for direct bank and accounting software connection and data exchange. It offers the possibility to get account information, as well as forwarding of payment orders round-the-clock. Baltic Gateway is based on RESTful API-s with XML format messages.

Technical Requirements

In order to use the Baltic Gateway API-s you need below technical set up:

  • software that can send and receive data in ISO 20022 XML format
  • valid authentication certificate (public key infrastructure technology - PKI), which ensures the authentication of the customer and the security of the service.

Prices and conditions

17. SEB Baltic Gateway
Direct channel  
- sign-up fee EUR 50
- account statements (except intraday) and/or POS reports EUR 10 per month
- account intraday reports (real-time account information) EUR 25 per month
- payment initiation and/or e-invoice forwarding EUR 25 per month
- account information from other banks EUR 10 per month
- e-signing EUR 0.10 per signature (9)
Operator channel  
- sign-up fee free of charge
- Basic services – account statements (except intraday), account information from other banks, POS reports and payment initiation  EUR 5 per month (7)
- account intraday reports (real-time account information) EUR 10 per month
- e-invoice forwarding EUR 10 per month
- e-signing EUR 0.10 per signature (9)
Fees for operator  
- sign-up fee EUR 50
- monthly fee as agreed with the bank

(7) Monthly fee is not applied to clients with SEB Plans.
(9) Free trial period applies for this service until 31.03.2023.